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Indie Artist Touches Radio Waves: Interview with Rapper J.Tallie

Back in the Day. When I was younger I used to read a lot and write poetry every now and then. I freestyled for fun with members of GME when we use to hang out. People would just come up to me and say “Bust a flow!”. The passion for music started when I recorded my first song. After that, I started burning CD’s and moving my music locally. My music got tons of love from the people quoting my lyrics to them just telling me not to quit and I’ll make it. That inspired me to really invest and try to make a career out of music.

Writing Process. DJ Fury, my producer, sends me a few beats that I vibe to for a while then I’ll go in the studio and write to it. Sometimes I can just go in and write a song on the spot. Or I’ll have a melody –or baseline in my head and I’ll call up Fury about it and we collaborate like that.

The Hustle Tape Tracklist

Nonfiction: The Hustletape. I released it Fall 2016. The story I told on that album is basically the streets. Everybody knows the reality of being really out here doing stuff you not supposed to be doing. I wanted to show both sides of it –the ups and downs. If you listen to the album from start to finish you’ll see what I mean. My favorite song on it is “Vernacular” because I’m showing my ability to put rhymes together in a poetic flow. It’s different and people don’t really know what that word means, so I hope it makes listeners go look it up the meaning.


Radio Play. I didn’t really know people would like the song “Love My Trap” like they did. It was my first song I ever did using auto tune. Before officially releasing it, I got the song played in a strip club called “Strokers” in Atlanta. Even got good feedback from dancers. I put that single out before I released my album. People liked it and that’s how I realized how serious promotion is. It was a good feeling to hear myself on the radio and have other people tell me they heard it too.

“Love My Trap” Single

Global Minds Entertainment. The label I’m on has about four other artists. Our CEO is producer DJ Fury and his brother Ezzy (an artist as well) Co-Founded GME. Fury and I were classmates and got cool around 8th grade.  We hung out a lot and naturally became a squad. We’re like a family and I’m blessed to be part of a talented group.

GOAT.  Tupac is the Greatest of All Time to me. I like real artists that you can tell are authentic by listening to their music. I’m inspired by the southern legends like UGK, 8Ball, MJG, Project Pat, OutKast, Boosie, Webbie and Scarface. I’m also big fans of Big K.R.I.T and Kendrick Lamar.

 Future of Indie. My advice for upcoming indie artists is to make the best music you can. Take your craft seriously and budget properly so that you can promote. And stay busy, it’s always something to do when you trying to come up. Keep your network strong and don’t give up!

Up Next. I’m currently working on a new album called “Trapmack”. This album will be a little grimier and street than my last album.  I feel I’m growing as an artist so I’m trying to be more open about who I am and what’s going on from my perspective. I’m planning a regional promo tour around the time the album releases.

Check out “Love My Trap” video below. To hear more from J.Tallie you can find his music on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud and Google Play.

Follow him on IG and Twitter at @JtallieGME


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