Grandma Knows: He’s Gone; Don’t Call That Man

Break-ups are just simply a tragedy that no one dies in — but you definitely feel the loss.

One day, I visited my grandmother and she’s always been able to tell when I’m sad without me saying much of anything. She knew my situation, but I hadn’t updated her –but she already knew. “Niseya, do what I say now  just read your bible. Start at Psalms -don’t matter if you understand or not just keep reading. Oh and here,” she handed me a folded magazine page.

I didn’t read it right away, so I stuck it my purse, finished my time with my grandmother, and read it when I got home:




This is the actual article written by Hattie Gossett, an African-American playwright, poet, and magazine editor; and the second piece is by Rhonda Findling an international acclaimed author. As you can see, this article was written in Essence Magazine –June 1995.

I immediately called my granny! “Have long have you had this?”

She said,”I got it back in 1995 and had it in some papers I was going through, and put it back in my Bible –must be for a time such as this.”

Though loss and detachment isn’t one of my strongest qualities (I have no problem admitting to), I don’t take for granted the lessons learned from inconveniences. I thought it would only be right to share this.

***Thank you Grandma for always sharing tools to sustain the heart of gold with your love, wisdom, and kindness. I love you.