#WeekendRecap: A Glance at What You’ve Missed

zimmerman29n-1-webGeorge Zimmerman threaten’s Hov whenever asked about Trayvon Martin documentary. Zimmerman telling The Blast, “I know how to handle people who fuck with me, I have since February 2012.” Zimmerman also made it clear that “anyone who f***s with my parents will be fed to an alligator.”

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Diddy’s interested in buying the Carolina Panthers! “I will be the best NFL owner that you can imagine,” he told fans in an Instagram video. He said he’d address the Colin Kaepernick situation and he’d be a running to be next year’s quarterback. Last month, Diddy got to spend some time with  Kaepernick where he said he was “inspired”.

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Recently engaged Prince Harry interviews former President Obama. See a clip of the video here!


Nicki Minaj said “Its a great time to be a white rapper.” Minaj screenshots the charts and caused a little controversy with the point she was trying to make -even clapping back. b47422d0a433d73479585f4e37f99d3d

Rumors of a Destiny’s Child reunion at Beyonce’s 2018 Coachella performance has been swirling —BUT has since been shutdown by close sources.