The F’s That Prevent You From Your Best Life

Hopefully your 2018 is going as well as mine but if not –it’s never too late to start anew! To help, I came up with a list of things that may be preventing you from living your best life this New Year!

FEAR. We’re only human and with humanity comes worries that prevent us from carrying on our purpose in life. Accepting fears in our circumstances or obstacles in our daily lives only keep us in the same place, cripple us -or even have us back tracking to square one.   The opposite of fear is faith, so trust in yourself that whatever is to come next in your life, is for the next level of  your process to living your best life. Maybe it’s leaving people behind, taking on a big project, or  moving to a big city alone. The point is to trust God and understand what you have and where you are is where you’re supposed to be. Don’t let fear  keep you stagnant and afraid of being the only thing you should be best at -which is being you.

FRIENDS. You can tell where you are, what you’ll be doing, and what your income level will be by the company you keep. I’m aware that you have your besties and your homies but you have to evaluate your relationships when trying to live your best life.  Relationships are like elevators and they’re either bringing you up or taking you down. Our friends should be like our “purpose partners” -if they’re not encouraging you, motivating you, or supporting your dreams, then most likely they’re preventing you from living your best life.

FINANCES. Money management is preventing you from living your best life because you don’t save. I can attest to this! Money burned a hole in the pit of my purse when I got paid -but when it’s all gone, its all gone. In order to live your best life you have to prepare and be prepared for the future. Set-up a budget, fix your credit (it’s never too late and never let someone with bad credit help you fix your credit), or simply learn self-control. Don’t get caught up trying to keep up with trends, only to end up in debt this year.

FORGIVENESS. Bitterness in the end only hurts us -its cancerous and it just spreads over time if you don’t deal with it head on. Its simply a choice to forgive someone who’s hurt you, so that you may use that emotional energy into something positive.  Another important thing is forgiving yourself. If you have feelings of guilt and shame, don’t accept it -let it go and encourage yourself to improve your feelings about you in order to live your best life!

Are there anymore F-words that can potentially prevent us from living our best lives? Share your thoughts below!

About Nisey

25. Aries. Hi there, owner and editor-in-chief of here! When I'm not blogging, I'm working as a​ Marketing & Social Media Manager, visiting a nice restaurant to take pictures of my food, or spending time with family and friends to make special memories. Follow me on IG @_msniseybaby or the site's IG @msniseybaby

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