Breathing Room

Reflecting over last year, I realized that I was a people pleaser. I’d always agree to plans -not realizing I have to disappoint others. Or I’d prioritize others feelings before mine and over time when you start to do things for yourself, people got disappointed in me. It got very difficult for me to turn down invitations and even opportunities .

I gave up my space to please people and it took away my breathing room.

Sometimes, especially as a busy woman on the go, we give our energy, time, money, and our space to so much and to -too many people until its nothing left to for the things WE love to do. I challenge you in this New Year to cherish your space, make yourself a priority, and to breathe without being pulled into the chaos.  And if anyone doesn’t respect your space, then they ultimately never cared about you.

Inhale….now exhale.