Friends Don’t Support You? Here’s What to Do

Just Don’t Take it Personal

If you’re sensitive like me, you may take your friends not hopping on board with supporting  your business or projects personally, but I’m here to tell you -you shouldn’t. They may have intended to help, got busy, or haven’t gotten around to it. We all have our own stuff going on! Another reason could be maybe they don’t fully understand your vision or completely disagree with what you’re trying to do and don’t know how to tell you.  Sometimes when we’re not bombarded with an exceptional level of support from our friends – we feel rejected but don’t cut ’em off just yet.  Examine the hearts of your friends and the reasons should still come from a good place. It is your job to figure out why they’re lacking in support and how to get them to support you.

They’re Clueless on How to Help

When I first started blogging, I thought because we were the age of the internet -that it would be easy to get followers, clicks, and people to feature. Wrong. I needed to bring more traffic in and it would help if my friends shared my links, my articles, anything! I realized even though I wanted that, my friends didn’t know how to! My suggestion is to give clear concise tasks for your friends. Tell them what to post, what to attend, what to do, etc. If you know that they’re busy, I wouldn’t give long, intense directions to this pal. Also, be sure to ask them if they need any help with their own projects. You have to give your support to get it back.

What Networking is For

So your friends still don’t support you? Get new ones. Well at least new business friends. Not all friends have untraditional jobs and the reality of it is  –you may need a new circle of individuals to network with and they too can support you. Friends who are working on startups or similar goals  means having people behind you who understand where you’re coming from, what you’re trying to achieve and just how hard it is to do what you are doing!

Let it Go

You need to learn when to move on because it is natural for some friends to fall apart. Friendship and support are vital for any budding projects or future endeavors and if you don’t receive the support you’re giving (and you must be giving) -you have every right to walk away.

Friends come in many forms, so should your support.

About Nisey

25. Aries. Hi there, owner and editor-in-chief of here! When I'm not blogging, I'm working as a​ Marketing & Social Media Manager, visiting a nice restaurant to take pictures of my food, or spending time with family and friends to make special memories. Follow me on IG @_msniseybaby or the site's IG @msniseybaby

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