#Youtube Invites 28 Black YouTubers to Recognize Contemporary Black History Makers #CreateBlackHistory

This Black History Month, YouTube — in an effort to recognize contemporary history-makers in the making, we invited 28 black creators to tell us who they think will #CreateBlackHistory. Each day this month, we’ll be publishing one of those stories as a Reel on YouTube Spotlight channel. Celebrate Black History Month with us by visiting youtube.com/spotlight on your phone and swiping over to the Reels tab.

Featuring: 4YallEntertainment – youtube.com/4YallEntertainment Akilah Obviously – youtube.com/smoothiefreak Alonzo Lerone – youtube.com/alonzolerone AndreasChoice – youtube.com/AndreasChoice Ari Fitz – youtube.com/itsarifitz Aysha Abdul – youtube.com/KeepItBeautifulxo BachelorsPadTV – youtube.com/BachelorsPadTv BlackNerdComedy – youtube.com/BlackNerdComedy Damon & Jo – youtube.com/DamonAndJo DangMattSmith – youtube.com/dangmattsmith Dormtainment – youtube.com/DormtainmentTV GloZell – youtube.com/glozell1 Jay Versace – youtube.com/jaayversace Jouelzy – youtube.com/jouelzy La Guardia Cross – youtube.com/laguardiacross Naptural85 – youtube.com/Naptural85 RandomStructure TV – youtube.com/RandomStructureTV Shameless Maya – youtube.com/shamelessmaya Shan Boody – youtube.com/shannontboodram SoldierKnowsBest – youtube.com/SoldierKnowsBest Teala Dunn – youtube.com/Tealaxx2 Team 2 Moms – youtube.com/OliviaHas2Moms TiffanyRotheWorkouts – youtube.com/TiffanyRotheWorkouts TPindell – youtube.com/tpindell3 TyroneMagnus – youtube.com/TyroneMagnus Will Power – youtube.com/Guide2Anything


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