Snip, Snip. Cut The Cord. #MeditationTechnique

I know it’s Valentine’s Day and though I planned to post about relationships -I felt it wasn’t right for me to give advice while I’m not currently dating. However, I felt it was important to push self-love this month and confront one of the most uncomfrotable things that we all will endure —confronting the gut feeling of cutting people off.

There’s NOTHING wrong with cutting off relationships or friendships that simply aren’t serving you anymore.  It’s not easy but listen to your gut -and follow these techniques:

  1. Close your eyes and sit quietly.
  2. Imagine and picture vividly that whoever it is that you need cut off is connected to you -like a cord is running from you to them.
  3. Now imagine taking a pair of scissors, an axe, or anything you like to cut the connection.

Now you may actually feel pain, but that’s okay!

4. Once you cut that cord -imagine seeing whoever you cut off leaving, walking away, drifting, or disappearing away from you.

This also may feel painful, but feel through the pain and let it pass through. Repeat it as often as you need to. If cutting someone off is new for you it may take weeks -maybe months to get over the pain, but day by day it gets easier. Share this technique with you friends, coworkers, family, anybody who needs it. The goal is to clear away any baggage that hinders energy for new opportunities and people to enter your life.