Get to Know Miami Indie Artist DJ Luna: Talks Eclectic Sets, #Wale Helping Choose Her Name, SUNDAY MORNING, and More!

Who is DJ Luna? A 22-year-old Miami DJ with an interesting palette of musical preferences that separates her from the average DJ’s you come across these days. Her eclectic sets give vibes from the 70’s-90’s funky R&B, Old School Hip-Hop, Smooth Electronic R&B Mixes, and to the 2000’s throwbacks. 2018 brings her into her second year of DJ-ing.  With no direct influences from her New Orleans/ Miami background, she says she likes her music to be as classically soulful as possible.

Born to Love Music. I’m originally from New Orleans, that’s where my whole entire extended family lives, but my parents moved us to Miami when I was 4. I was raised here in Miami and spent my summers back in New Orleans. I was told that when I was born, my dad would put headphones on my mom’s belly while pregnant with me –playing songs like “What You Won’t Do For Love”, by Bobby Caldwell.

unnamed.jpgName Game. Wale and I were brainstorming DJ names after deciding it’d be a smart move to learn the art of mixing, and somehow we landed on “Luna” –which means “Moon” in Spanish. Wale’s collective/label is titled “Every Blue Moon”, so it just made sense. We ran with it, and that kicked off my branding with a 5-part playlist series on his SoundCloud, curated by me. The series is called “Moonshine”.

“I’m not just another guy with a SoundCloud link. I think people like to assume that it’s harder for women to get credit in the music industry. I haven’t really come across any sexism that phased me in any way. I feel being a woman in the music industry gives me the upper-hand –it gets the people’s attention.”

Sunday Morning. I didn’t even have the title until about a month before the project released. For almost a year and a half, it was just an untitled compilation of songs I orchestrated. Then I asked myself, What does this project feel like? And it then became apparent.

Featured Artist Getting in contact with the artists featured on  “Sunday Morning” was a lot simpler than it seemed. The hard part was asking them in that “no pressure” kind of way to get the tracks done. Most of these artists are people I already had a cordial social media and/or had a mutual respect-relationship with –so everything sort of fell into place when I explained what I wanted to do, and how I wanted them to be a part of it.


“It’s hard to even tell who’s an independent artist anymore. I was speaking with a friend of mine from Earthgang, and he explained to me that labels want people to think that indie artists are still indie – even after they’ve been signed. It creates a different sort of fan base when people think an artist is making strides on their own, without a label backing them.”

Fans and Listeners Respond I haven’t had even one tweet or comment with any negative feedback towards “Sunday Morning”. Everyone has a different favorite track, and that solidifies the quality of the project for me. My goal was to create a project with replay value, and so far, everyone’s telling me they’ve had it on repeat.

Within. The advice I would give someone who does tend to look at others for inspiration is to look at Big KRIT. He’s been dropping mixtapes since 2004, and is still going strong. He went from independent, to a label artist, back to independent – and has never lost his traction in the game.

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“This may sound cynical, but I really don’t look up to anyone. I see everyone doing their own thing, and I feel like I can too. As far as inspiration, I try to find it within myself. Because if you can find inspiration within yourself and use that to fuel you every day, getting it elsewhere just isn’t as strong as that fire from within.”

Follow DJ Luna on Twitter and Instagram are @DJLunaEBM



IMG_1542Finding “Sunday Morning”: I typically find a lot of indie artist on social media -mainly Twitter, but this time I came across just the album cover while scrolling on IG. “”Sunday Morning” by DJ Luna ” -it read. I kept scrolling and also saw she had the tracklist with the featured indie artist on each track. Every track is for someone — or you at least understood the feeling the music conveys. Easy on the ears like a Sunday morning, –this album would make a good addition to a chill playlist.

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