The Last Relationship Advice I’m Going to Give

I know, I know – I said I wasn’t giving any relationship advice in February, because I’m single and ya’ll LOVE to say the “bae-less” ain’t qualified to give tips. However, the basics can still be covered instead of specific issues, so here we go!

The Balance Do you put the needs and wants of your significant other before your own? It’s very hard, I know–especially if you’re so loving, caring, and you just HAVE to be involved to show that. A balanced relationship is important because you must maintain you individuality by making sure your needs and wants are met as well.Try striving for mutual respect: be nice, supportive, and always acknowledge and support each other’s accomplishments. Also, it’s important to love and accept each other as you are and grow together –don’t try to control each other, but instead focus on support in achieving your own goals.

Deal and Move On Disagreements and conflicts are apart of growing relationship –sometimes they can be tough to get through and so often we avoid them. Unfortunately not dealing with it head on will cause issues to build up over time, and will ultimately cause divide and resentment. According to Swanson, we should eliminate the silent treatment, attacking each other, holding grudges, and “you” statements that blame accuse and assume. We should have calm, focused discussions on whatever the issue is, make “I” statements that make us take responsibility, and resolve –which means to agree to move on. Being able to be open and honest with your partner is apart of trusting each other -so always try to provide a safe and supportive space to share emotions.

Happiness is Your Responsibility It’s not your significant other’s responsibility to keep you happy – that is suppose to come from within and it comes from your own attitude. Individually each of you should find was to happy despite things you can’t control. Take responsibility for your own happiness.

Self-Love & Care Spending time with your bae is enjoyable, but the relationship will be much healthier if you guys take time to care for yourself.

Have you noticed my relationship advice strives to acknowledge each of you as your own person. In order to love someone else –you gotta start with yourself. Anything else I missed? Add your advice below!


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