Guess Who Got “Rick and Morty” to Announce New Album Release Date– “Bobby Tarantino II” Released Today + Album Review

Logic project is headed our way. According to Complex, the Maryland rapper hit up YouTube on Wednesday to announce the release of his much-anticipated mixtape “Bobby Tarantino II.” And he enlisted two of his favorite animated characters to help break the news.

Untitled design-23Bobby Tarantino II dropped today and It serves as a sequel to his 2016 mixtape Bobby TarantinoThe mixtape features Logic’s alter-ego, Young Sinatra, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Wiz Khalifa with the production handled by Illmind, Marshmello, and 6ix, among others.



Review on this album:

Strong Points: First of all, he won me over having “Rick & Morty”as the intro on the album -not only that but Morty thought how I thought about this album: Are we turning up or  is this a positive message album (Nothing is wrong with this btw).

Production on this album was great and included himself, 6ix (which I felt Logic went harder lyrically on these tracks), DJ Khalil, Frank Dukes, Illmind, Kevin Randolph, Marshmello, Nico Chiara, OZ, Tariq Beats,Tee-Watt,Vontae Thomas.

Featured Artist included Wiz Khalifa (very fitting in Indica Badu) and I really enjoyed Big Sean’s verse on Wassup

My Top Favorites: Contra, Indica Badu, Wassup, 44 More

Weak Points: Although it’s his thing, I’m not a fan of his singing and autotune -it works in some songs like BoomTrap Protocol but I wasn’t feeling it in the middle of  Overnight or Wizard of Oz.

His message on this album got a little repetitive in every song.

My Least Favorite Songs: Wizard of Oz, State of Emergency, Everyday

Overall Thoughts : I’m not a huge Logic fan, I’ve only heard a couple of his songs so I’m not gonna go too hard. I knew Logic had bars for sure and Bobby Tarantino 2 certainly impressed me.  I feel he took his time, had a great time creating this, and his featured artist didn’t dim his light on this project.

If you’ve listened today, what are your thoughts!



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1 comment on “Guess Who Got “Rick and Morty” to Announce New Album Release Date– “Bobby Tarantino II” Released Today + Album Review

  1. Well written! I agree in that the message (if any) got a bit too repetitive at times. And Wizard of Oz and Everyday were just misses by Logic I thought too. I rated this mixtape 6.5/10 on my rap review blog. Check it out if your interested!

    – Rav

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