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#TrapKaraoke’s 2019 Cities: The Experience and Why You Should Go!

While scrolling through endless pictures on Instagram about a year ago, I found a photo with a list of cities, dates, and the words “TRAP KARAOKE”.  According to the curators of the event, it’s like going to church except, you’ll be singin’ “Back That Ass Up” by Juvenile instead of an old hymnal like “Amazing Grace”. I got a taste of the fun on the night of June 2nd 2017 at the New Daisy Theatre in Memphis.

The People’s Concert is what they call it and indeed it was. The line was super long around Beale Street but it was moving; my date and I eventually reached the building. We saw familiar and unfamiliar faces; black and white; young adults and older adults;  the vibe in the room was incredible.  Everyone looked great and I was just glad I didn’t overdress because this was not a heels event.

The rules are simple. You sign up before the show’s cut-off date and you’re allowed to sing whatever song you like. The day of the event one of the MC’s for the night picks a “Wild Card” which means a member from the audience picks a song to perform. There were a handful of brave young and young-hearted people who got on stage to perform and have a blast! In between performances, there’s a party, the DJ plays new music, old music, and they even paid homage to the “Black Lives Matter” movement at one point by playing Kendrick Lamar’s song, “Alright” and displaying incredible visuals on the large projector screens.

The hottest artist comes to surprise the audience. Although this didn’t happen in Memphis, 2Chainz surprised fans singing his song at Atlanta’s Trap Karaoke. Other celebrities like Lebron James, Pastor Troy, Yo Gotti, Mannie Fresh and more have surprised the audiences of Trap Karaoke.

One thing I enjoyed the most about my experience is there was a constant push for positivity and togetherness. The MC made sure nobody “Boo’d” anyone that performed and also made sure everyone was respectful. They are not party promoters but community organizers. Leaving the event, I left glad that I attended. It was quite clear from the experience that it was a night for people to have fun, vibe with whoever you came with, and leave wanting to come back to such an experience again.

Here are the list of cities they’re headed to this year, sign up to receive updates on dates!



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