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Sip’n Tea With Teamarrr: Her Favorite Song to Record, Dating Advice, & More!

 I secretly have a thing for dope Youtube series and lately, I’ve been obsessing over one in particular that I will be sharing with you in another post. I’m sure some of you can relate when I say that “I’m watching TV”,  that I really mean I’m glancing at the TV screen every now and again, while mainly listening to the dialogue, and increasing my scrolling miles on Instagram at the same time. I remember glancing up at the screen and going back on Insta until a song played that totally drew me in.  Now I am pretty good about naming different artist and finding the songs on my own, BUT I had NEVER heard this song or the artist before.  I downloaded Shazam and rewinded the scene a trillion times. Me being the investigator that I am decided to go into the comments. I wanted to see if anyone mentioned who this voice belonged to and what the hell is the name of the song? It didn’t take much digging being as though when I clicked “Show More” there it was….”Energy by Teamarrr”. Soundcloud, Apple Music, Youtube, I searched high and low for this damn song which I never found but I did find the perfect album for all single women.


  What makes this album pop? Between her beats, her immaculate wordplay and overall message sent to fuckboys all around…I reached out to the 25-year-old Boston native to personally thank her for creating my summer 2018 anthems as well as to get to know a little bit more about the album and her.

Here’s The Tea…

B: I think “Thanks for my Chapstick” is something all women who have been single but dated should be blasting, what drove you to create such an honest and straightforward album towards your feelings on men?

Teamarrr:  That’s a strong should I appreciate you saying that though. I was dating a musician that didn’t have pure intentions for me, but I loved him for the music and he kept me around. So me being lonely, dumb and oblivious, I stayed & held him down until one day my friend who is a model, asked me to come with her to Toronto and shoot BTS footage of her and her friends who were in the modeling field as well. On accident I ended up befriending a lot of musical people while in Toronto & freestyling soon turned into Yu-Gi-Oh cards, I was singing about my lover who started to develop feelings for one of my best friends at the time. I came home one day and he had given me a hug that just felt like he wasn’t mine anymore though he never really was.That feeling was enough to make me feel like something was up, so I started freestyling more to channel my doubt & from there I do…but was born. Finding out that my ex-best friend and ex-lover were actually dating played as a muse in disguise and I freestyle I thought you were dead…which came out of nowhere. After that the more shit that happened between us the more I freestyled, I noticed random pains within it all but those pains and realizations helped me put the pieces to the puzzle together. Before I made my move to Toronto he left a tube of chapstick in my car which I looked at and finally said “Thanks for the chapstick asshole” I meant it in a good & bad way at that time. It’s been three years and I am thankful for the music that rose from a mess of a situation it helped me grow out of the pain and forgive them both.

B: What was your favorite song to record and why?

Tea: I Thought You Were...was the most fun. That song went through HELL and back to exist.  It stemmed from a beatbox voice memo with just me and my current manager drunk freestyling, after that I took it to DJ Aikin another producer to create a track. From there it was one thing after the other from losing files, trying to get the entire beat brought back to life but ending up ruined.  In the end, there were about eight or nine people behind a project I over thought, but in my defense I want my sound to take you places. I also think this song was the most unique & it ties my story together well, it was quite a journey creating that one song.

B:  What dating advice would you give a younger you?

Tea: I would’ve told me to watch how dudes word shit. It’s so easy to misread a person’s real intentions. Watch his tones and gestures and never ignore your intuition,  then I would explain to my younger self what intuition is.

B: Do you think that the type of music you produce hinders you from dating, ex: A guy listens to “The One…” & may automatically think his chances are shot.

Tea: Nah…Never that. When I had Tinder my bio read “ Swipe right so I can write a song about how you make me feel.” Music is such a feeling.

B:  You have such a beautiful, huge and soulful voice, when did you discover that you had such a gift? Was singing something you’ve wanted to do since a child?

Tea: Again that’s soooo nice of you to say. I didn’t know I had a gift because I didn’t always sound this way. I’ve had family members tell me “Turn it down u can’t sing” or just blatantly say “SHHHHH please”  so I kept my singing to the shower. It was my cousin, Jude who took me to his industry friend when I was like 10, he was the one who knew I could actually sing…Unfortunately, I was too nervous so I blew it. I’ve always wanted to sing or even act but I thought music was such a cliché so I tried to fill my head with other dreams…kind of like a backup plan. I  ended up developing a thing for painting, writing, acting and so much more.

B: Your wordplay is unmatched and downright impeccable, have you always been so swift with your wording?

Tea: Yes! I love remixing catchphrases and tongue twisters. I loved English class. I like learning about alliteration or saying the same thing different ways backwards.

I think I love words more than words can explain. As a kid I really liked Dr. Seuss too, I think that helped.

B: Musically who inspires you?

Tea: Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Biggie Smalls, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Jay Z, Mixtape Drake, Mixtape Nicki, There are a lot of people who inspire me. With so much inspiration around me as well as being able to channel my feelings into music I feel like I can sing about anything, it’s endless.


  After reading this interview go listen to “Thanks For The Chapstick” you’ll appreciate it so much more.

                                                                Sincerely, Brit B


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