Giants The Web Series


I love Issa Rae & anything she touches. I don’t care if she produced a show about trash on the ground, it’d still be hot to me…PERIOD. I discovered Youtube series a few years back after I binged on all the good shows every streaming network had to offer. At first I’d watch a snippet of this and a snippet of that until I came across “Giants”. If you have never heard of it I highly suggest you get familiar with one of the realist series ever.

  Based on mental health issues & how they’re handled in the African American community, the everyday struggle of paying bills and genuinely just being broke, they even touch sensitive topics such as sexuality which makes this relatable to everyone in some way. Another thing I really love about this series is the nostalgic face of Vanessa Baden who played Kyra Rockmore the little sister on Nickelodeons “Keenan & Kel” which just so happened to be one of my favorites as a kid. There is so much I want to talk about pertaining to this show but I really want you guys to tune if for yourself and check it out.

I can’t imagine how hard it may have been for the writers to find a balance for just the right amount of humor mixed with drama without it coming off as a trying to hard. Hopefully you guys enjoy this show just as much as me and we can meet back here and discuss the sum up of Season 2 when it ends.

Sincerely Brit B



I'm a true Leo, fiery, bright and steps to the beat of my own drum. I started blogging about three years ago with "Diary of a Serial Dater" (my first born blog). I loved blogging about topics like dating, relationships, and sex...But it didn't feed my soul. I've created "The Diary" to touch bases on a little bit of everything because let's just face it...My mind is to big to be limited to a small amount of topics. Hopefully you enjoy my content, don't forget to subscribe and sign up for my emails. Oh and don't forget to follow me @_Sincerely_BritB on IG.

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