#Empire Is Back: What Type of Empire Are You Building?


FOX was ready with the Spring Premier of Empire. If you’re a fan I know you’re happy, right? I’m more a Queen Sugar type of girl myself, but I digress. Somebody wanted me to watch, so I did and honestly, it wasn’t bad. #nospoilers

Throughout the episode, I felt a message ringing in my heart. A question for anyone in, out, or desiring a relationship: Do you see it as something to be built? Many of us proclaim we want to “build something” but do we really see it as something to be built or simply something prepackaged, to have?  Many say “it takes work”, but do we really believe that? If so, what type of work, and what exactly are we building via our relationships?

As I type this, I’m pondering right along with you. If you do see a relationship as an Empire taking effort to build I wish to share some key points that came to mind and may help us in our construction.

Healthy relationships benefit from

Having Time: Time to learn about each other and figure out what makes each other tick, smile, trip, or rise. Not only time to learn each other but also quality time. How will the bond stay strong if you’re always with the girls or he’s always at the gym? Sharing a few interests or hobbies is a good way to guarantee some one on one time with your love or potential love. I’m not saying you have to always be right there in their face. That’s another important hint of time, some people need and some don’t, it’s called alone time. Nothing to be offended by, but it’s good to learn your partner’s needs regarding time: together, alone, or for you both to learn each other more.

Having Tenacity: Tenacity is one of my favorite words. It’s about having a firm grip, having endurance, not giving up or running away if small or tough stuff comes up. I’m not speaking about being disrespected or treated in a crazy way, I’m speaking of things in life that happen to the both of you as a couple, or small mistakes that the other partner may not be aware of. To me, tenacity is the power to push through that stuff. To give your Empire the strength to stand against it together. My next point may sound crazy, but you gain the ability to strengthen your tenacity through trials or tough times, which leads to…

Having Triumphs: We all love winning right? We love looking at life saying “Oh you thought you had me ruined huh? Not so fast!” It’s easy to smile when it’s all good, but triumphs mean you stood the rain, under that umbrella, and now you have every right to bask in the sunshine together.

Having Trust: is something many people that aren’t at all trustworthy throw around “you should trust me” (laughs to self at that foolishness). If you both are genuine and you have taken the time, gained tenacity, and grown through triumphs, I’m sure you’ve learned the importance of trust. Be sure to not withhold trust from those that are due it. I know it takes time to gain and share trust, but scroll back up where we discussed a time before you think of an excuse. Also, I’ve learned to trust different people in different ways sometimes. Share trust with those that have been with you through the fire. Those that aren’t to blame for exes who may have caused you pain and agony. Remember not to make anyone patch wounds that they didn’t cause, and don’t allow anyone to force you to carry any bags you didn’t fill. Trust your mate to do as they promised, and challenge them to trust you to do the same, unless someone in the relationship has given a reason for doubt.

With those key points in mind, I’m hoping we all can build or continue to build Empires we can feel good about.


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