The #Jordans That Will Make Friday The 13th A Good Day

The Women’s Retro 11 Jordans will be available lots of places in an amazing color and although I’m not a sneaker girl Finish Line has me really curious, okay scratch that… I’m craving these things like Tamia on Grant or Kanye on Kim. The Tamia thing was a little #throwback for those of you that don’t know. #googleit


Why am I taken with these shoes? For one thing, the low top style makes them mature yet fashionable for spring fun, whether it’s at the mall or a sporting event with friends you will definitely get the “where did you get those?” look or question.

What makes them unique? They come in… Rose Gold!!!That’s the main reason everyone from 24 to 42 will be all over these. The Rose Gold adds a sexy, but classy flare to an otherwise pretty nice Jordan. I’ve always seen Jordan as a man’s shoe no matter the color, but this is a game changer. #slaygirl

Let us know what you think: Are Jordans your style? What could they do to make them better? You never know who’s reading the comments so give us the tea.



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