Happy Birthday to MsNiseyBaby -An Open Letter

Yesterday was my birthday and I’m 24 now!

I’ll be honest -at first, I wasn’t really checking for it. Not that I was ungrateful for making it here, but there’s this anxiety I get where I feel like nobody remembers, or nobody really cares for ya girl. Well, let me tell ya -I didn’t receive that energy at all -hell I felt it before the day came!

I was having a rough week -the week before and one of my best friend’s, Kayla reminded me of how far I’ve come and all my accomplishments. I’m weird though – I hate to brag on myself, but I truly have always been that person who changes (for the better) every year: I’m happy, I secured the bag without a degree -although I’m getting that next month, and I’m working on every day (and it is meeting its goals every month).

I washed away my 23, but there is still a lot about me that is not changing. I’m still going to be the warm, passionate person with a healthy sexual appetite and strong opinions. I’m still gonna be stubborn and impatient. Its still gonna be hard for me to recognize my emotions and I’m still going to easily lose patience for myself and others, but give me the space to solve my issues on my own, and any conflict can m be avoided. There’s still gonna be a deep, warm emotional nature to me and a lot of energy I like to give away to people I love. It’s still important not to take me for granted and understand my efforts to make your life better.

And I’m still much greater than the highs and the lows. A few friends wanted to tell me happy birthday, so watch the clip below!

Thank you for all the birthday love!



About Nisey

25. Aries. Hi there, owner and editor-in-chief of here! When I'm not blogging, I'm working as a​ Marketing & Social Media Manager, visiting a nice restaurant to take pictures of my food, or spending time with family and friends to make special memories. Follow me on IG @_msniseybaby or the site's IG @msniseybaby

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