The Last Day of the Regular Season In The NBA- Western Conference Review

The last games of the 2017-2018 NBA regular season are upon us. The western conference has seen a surprise this season… The Golden State Warriors are not in first place! That belongs to the Houston Rockets with a record of 65-16 heading into their last game vs the Sacramento Kings.



  • Now this game is meaningless for the Rockets since they’re so far up on the Warriors and cannot be caught even if they lose they will still finish number one. I fully expect the best players on the Rockets to either not play tonight or play limited minutes. James Harden, the Rockets guard has been phenomenal all season long and according to http://www.nba.com/mvp-ladder, Harden is the favorite to win the MVP this season and intend to agree. Harden and LeBron James have played the best ball all season long and Harden’s Team has the best record not only in the west but the east as well, in my opinion, he’s the MVP.


  • The Golden State Warriors who have dominated the NBA and the western conference the last 4 seasons have slipped slightly this year. They finished the regular season on Tuesday, April 10, with a loss to the Utah Jazz, 119-79. The Warriors played their best players limited minutes, but it still was an embarrassing loss. The Warriors finished with a record of 58-24, which for most teams that would be great but for them, it wasn’t on par with what we have seen. Since 2015 the Warriors have finished with a record of 67-15(2015), 73-9(2016), and 67-15(2017). So 58-24 was definitely a drop-off. The Warriors had injuries hit all season long,  Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green have all missed time this season and most recently their star Stephen Curry has missed time since early March with a Grade 2 MCL sprain. There isn’t any timetable of return for Curry yet but in my opinion, I don’t believe he will play in the first round if the playoffs.

Now that’s really the only 2 teams in my opinion that need to get covered, they are head and shoulders above the rest the conference, I truly believe in the western conference finals that match-up will be the Houston Rockets VS The Golden State Warriors battling it out to see who will go to the NBA Finals.

  • To recap the rest of the western conference standings after the top 2 seeds you have in 3rd the Utah Jazz with a record of 48-33, 4th the Portland Trail Blazers with a 48-33 record. In 5th is the New Orleans Pelicans with a 47-34 record and the 6th place team San Antonio Spurs, and the 7th place team Oklahoma Thunder both also have a 47-34 record. Last in the West playoffs will be the Minnesota Timberwolves with a 46-35 record.


The NBA playoffs begin on Saturday, April 14 and I believe it’s going to be a fun time, with great hard fought games but my opinion the west will be won by either the surprising Houston Rockets or the surprisingly slumping Golden State Warriors… I’ll be watching, will you?

Travis Frey


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