5 Reasons Why Men Should Take Birth Control


As women, we are sometimes looked upon as the weaker species, yet our bodies endure more pain than any man could imagine – during our menstrual cycle and when giving birth. We didn’t ask to be such strong and mystical creatures. There were no sign-up sheets saying “Hey! Yeah sign me up for the monthly bleeding vagina & throw in the power to carry a child and push them out the canal…yup that sounds great!”. NO! Yet we get treated as if anything that comes to the womb is our fault.

Men are so quick to tell us to get on birth control, never looking into the side effects or what they are encouraging us to put in our bodies. Birth control pills have man-made hormones to mimic estrogen and progestin to prevent ovulation. Some women gain weight, suffer from hair loss, and low sex drive . Let’s not also forget the fact that some women get super busy and forget to take their pill which then puts them in the 8 percent failure rate”1. Women can only get pregnant once a year, yet a man can impregnate multiple women a year and there is no “controlling” that. With that fact alone, I’d like to list my own reasons that men should take the burden of birth control on.



1.The Hormones–  As women we already have enough going on with our hormones monthly, wouldn’t it be fair to remove one less thing that effects or libido, mood, weight and more? You guy know how  guys may say some women are “bipolar”? Well, look at her birth control side effects. mood swings are more than likely one of them, so pick a struggle! reported that “A pilot study showed that depression is the most common reason women stop using birth control pills. It also found women using combination birth control pills were “significantly more depressed” than a similar group of women not taking the pills.”  In order to prevent a birth, a woman may possibly end up depressed. If you’re unaware, depression doesn’t make you feel sexy and sex is the last thing on the mind.

2. Gives Men More Responsibility Sexually– In my opinion, Men have no real sense of responsibility when it comes to preventing birth today. Condoms are the answer to everything, but they are not as effective as birth control. Some guys don’t even like wearing condoms, but will look at a female like she is an alien once she announces she is pregnant. If men took birth control, they wouldn’t have to worry about pregnancy which would also prevent a massive amount of drama and child neglect. Demographics from the U.S Census Bureau showed “out of 12 million single parent families with children under 18, more than 80% were headed by single mothers”.

  1. Take on Some of The Cost it Takes to Play-Women tend to go to the doctors far more than men. We have pap smears, and god forbid that comes back abnormal, then you need a biopsy. Women who have endometriosis will need a script, yeast infection…script for that, BV…script. We spend more money than men for things that sometimes just naturally occur. Oh and don’t forget to add that birth control that’s another cost …Outside of inside upkeep, we also spend our money on getting that Brazilian wax, or using good razors and shaving cream to stay neat…technically we are paying someone to prevent a birth between us and someone’s lying son as well as paying to keep our vagina looking pretty…All he has to do is show up with a condom that doesn’t cost much and a unruly bush….Think about that.



4.Check Your Health-I also think Male Birth Control would give men a reason to do something they never do -.get check ups. How many guys have gotten blood work done just to make sure you’re actually healthy? How many of you seriously get a yearly check up? How many men have unprotected sex with more than a few women & never get tested STD’s, STI’s, or HIV which is never the case. Everyday Health reports “Cleveland Clinic surveyed men more than 500 men ages 18 to 70 across the United States and found that only three in five men get an annual physical, and just over 40 percent go to the doctor only when they fear they have a serious medical condition.”3 There is so much going on in the world that a trip to the doctors should be on everyone’s list of “Things to do” this year.

  1. Women’s Bodies Don’t Deserve Anymore Beatings-It isn’t fair to a woman or her body to have to take things like Plan B or get an abortion all because she wasn’t on birth control and the guy didn’t want to wear a condom. Its both parties fault for the pregnancy, however only one of them has to go through bodily effects.

Women deserve a break from all the poking, side effects, and other issues that come from birth control. In 2018 I really hope to see men standing up and taking on the burden.


Sincerely Brit B.




I'm a true Leo, fiery, bright and steps to the beat of my own drum. I started blogging about three years ago with "Diary of a Serial Dater" (my first born blog). I loved blogging about topics like dating, relationships, and sex...But it didn't feed my soul. I've created "The Diary" to touch bases on a little bit of everything because let's just face it...My mind is to big to be limited to a small amount of topics. Hopefully you enjoy my content, don't forget to subscribe and sign up for my emails. Oh and don't forget to follow me @DiaryofASerialDater on IG.

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