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Abstract With Wayne Greaty: Talks Album Release, Retro Records, & More

Wayne Greaty is a 23-year-old, indie rapper from Memphis, TN — who released his first debut album “Abstract” March 2018.

“I’m Wayne Greaty and I’m a curator of all things vibes, an artist in the literal sense of the word, and co-founder of Retro Records.”

 Origin of Wayne Greaty”. Well, I was with my cousin John – he played ball at Northwest, and one of his teammates heard him call me “Wayne”. He yelled out, “Wayne Greaty!” as loud as he could and from there it just stuck.


The Perspectives of a Corporate Dropout. I was working for a corporation for a little while and after college, a lot of things started happening and I realized a few things:

  • Life’s too short to be doing anything you don’t want to do.
  • Most people work just to pay taxes, then pay bills –and not everybody wants to live that way.
  • If I can work that hard at something I don’t like, I know I can work that hard for myself and for my dreams, feel me?

 J.Cole is one of today’s hottest platinum-selling rappers. Prior to making it big, he was a student at St. John’s University in New York. Much like Wayne, he said that he knew he wanted a college degree before he knew of his dream to be a successful rapper.

Perspectives of a Corporate Dropout Cont. I’ve always liked music since I was a kid, but I didn’t really get passionate about it until college. It was always a dream but wasn’t really a goal until more recently.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word abstract has four different definitions, but the second definition seemed to define Wayne and this project: expressing a quality apart from an object.

Branden and Scotty McClure IG: @brandenmcclure and @retroscotty_

Project Abstract. It took me a full year to write and record this album because I had to drive back and forth to Nashville, TN every weekend to lay down the tracks. I chose to title the album “Abstract” — I feel it reflects my personality and style as a rapper. I’m just different than other rappers. I have a different perspective of the craft in an “abstract” sense. And I thought my entire album kind of reflected that. I haven’t heard a bad review yet. I think people were excited to hear something other than mumble rap or trap music.

“The album is packed with eclectic and nostalgic sounds reminiscent of a modern classic era of hip-hop circa 2010.”- WG

Hip-Hop ‘10. That was likely the era that made me feel like I could actually succeed at being a rapper. The biggest rappers of right now built their careers from the ground up, from that time: Drake, Kendrick, Cole, Wale, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa -all had breakout years in 2010. On top of that, the greatest rap album of all time “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye came out.

Features on Abstract. When starting out, you don’t have a lot of people that want to work with you, so it’s not like you want few features on purpose. You just do the best you can with what you’ve got, so as resources grow –more people are willing to work. I’m going to just try to continue to make the best music possible. Danny Yu is on the song “Reasons” -he’s crazy talented man, a real good dude from indie band Opia. Y’all should check them out.  I got my Retro Records artists, FRNDS on “Keep Up” – also crazy with it, so be on the lookout for their project.

“I honestly just wanted to put out a good album man. People’s attention span is so short these days -most musicians focus solely on singles. I can understand that, but as a student of the game, I want to be greater than that. I want to drop classics.” -WG

Retro Records. It started when two producers (Twins) and another rapper (Cell) moved in next door to me in college. I was their RA and after a few noise complaints, I went to tell them to turn the music down.  I saw they were making beats and the rest is history. We always interested in the right artists: rappers, singers, producers, writers, photographers/videographers, graphic designers, management, whatever your art may be. It’s a lot of young artists doing their thing right now, I just want to work with artists that are atypical- that want to create music outside the norm.

Influence & Advice. I draw influences from a lot of artists- old and new. Really it’s about creating music that I like and doing what I’m good at. It’s more like inspiration as to what could be accomplished versus influencing my sound.  I’m still trying to make it myself, so I can’t advise anybody to do anything –but just stay down ‘til you come up.

More “Wayne Greaty”.  I’m always working. Right now, we’re building the camp at Retro Records. We’re going to be pushing my brother Cell’s album pretty soon. We may get some visuals from “Abstract” -all of that is in the works. Just know, my next project is going to be crazy though.

“Did I meet my goal? I believe I did –but it’s not really up to me. That’s for the fans to decide.”- Wayne Greaty


Listen to “Abstract” below and to learn more about Wayne Greaty, the album or to shop album merch – visit


Social Media Twitter/Instagram – @waynegreaty

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