David v Goliath |A Show that Retells a Classic Story

Within this post, I am going to ask you to do something that may be outside of your comfort zone. If this frightens you, go read something else. If you like a challenge, I raise you a bet. Read at your own risk.

We all know the story of David versus Goliath (1 Samuel 17). If you don’t then here is a quick rundown of the classic story.

David was a teenage shepherd. At the time the King had hired David to play music for him. There was a battle happening in his lands and his brothers forgot their lunches. David being the youngest took his brothers their lunch. While David was on the battlefield, he heard some **** calling God all sorts of foul language.


David and Goliath – *Labeled for Reuse


This pissed off David. So, David went to the King and wanted to fight. The king had David try on his armor, but David was unbalanced and clunky, so he left the armor with the King. David grabs his sling, five smooth stones, and heads out onto the battlefield. He slays the giant with a single stone, cuts off his head and returns to the King.

This story was real life. However, in our times the only giants walking around are Shaq and Yao Ming. We can’t slay them (obviously). The story inspires kids and adults to face their fears and slay their own personal giants. (I believe they missed a crucial point in the story but that’s for another time). This is a story that never truly gets boring, it captivates audiences and strikes up conversations.

There was a show created by the concept of David v Goliath. This show captures the essence of what everyone admires from the story; When the giant shows up, will you fight? This show is called Attack on Titan. It’s an anime with the production quality of a movie. The voice actors are phenomenal, the art is top notch, and the emotions portrayed can silence a room.

You will venture into the life of a young boy as he fights his very own giants, or in this case titans. I can not tell you much about the story without revealing any spoilers.

My challenge to you is to watch the first three episodes.

Attack on Titan” can be found on Netflix. It is in English or you can watch it in Japanese. I prefer English for when I am eating and Japanese if it is noisy around. Many people will tell you the Japanese version is better because of accuracy, screw them! Watch it how you want.

Attack on Titan – *Labeled for Reuse

My bet is that you won’t give it a chance. If you do, come back and let me know what you thought. If you’ve already seen Attack on Titan, then are you looking forward to the next season. There are a lot of tropes and truths hidden in the anime. I’d love to discuss them with you.

Thanks for reading, now go watch! You can thank me later.


Yao Ming – *Labeled for Reuse
Shaq – *Labeled for Reuse

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