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5 Rappers You’ve Been Sleeping On

Alright so we all know that the rap game is over saturated with wannabes and mumble. So, when I say that you’ve been sleeping on these rappers I am not suggesting underground rap. I am talking about 5 artists that you may have heard of, but didn’t bother to check out. They are my favorites and I listen to them every time I listen to music. I have a challenge for you at the end of the post, if you’re no coward.

This list has no particular order — but it was just what I was feeling at the time of writing it. (Don’t want ya’ll thinking I got favorites in my favorites!) All of these artists are apart of the 116 Clique. It is a group for all that live by Romans 1:16. Check them out.

Derek Minor- *Labeled for Reuse

1) Derek Minor, who was once known as Pro, is a musician, that at first, I was not down for, but he grew on me. I had lost track of him, when he changed his name, but once I realized the music hadn’t changed, I was jamming again. When he was twelve years old, he made a 60-bar rap song that solidified his passion for music. He listened to Tupac, Kanye West, DMX, and Curtis Mayfield growing up. Once he graduated from Middle Tennessee University with a bachelors in Record Industry management, he released his first album The Blackout, from his own label Reflection Music Group. He has since released 6 albums, my favorite being a tie between Dying to Live and Empire. My favorite songs of his are “Empire” and “Until the End of Time” and “Going In”.


2) Andy Mineo is a musician that hails from Washington Heights. He started off as C-Lite, but rebranded and began to be called by his actual name. One of his albums Heroes for Sale, really helped me get through a difficult season in my life. The album itself dealt with a lot of family pain and lovers, that just spoke to me, honestly. Andy Mineo has produced 7 albums and is currently in the process of creating a 4-part Ep. My favorite album of his is Heroes for Sale. The song “You Can’t Stop Me” is one of my favorites and I believe it showcases his style the best. Some others you should check out as well is “Neverland” and “Fools Gold”.

Canon *Profile Picture

3) Canon is a musician out of Chicago, Illinois. He is apart of the 116 Clique and signed to Reflection Music Group with Derek Minor. He is very much like the hype man. His music is meant to be blasted while driving or working out. At least that’s what I do. He suffered an accident back in 2014 when he jumped into a ravine, to help a car accident victim. That accident made him want to do more than just “turn up” but rather talk about something in his music. He has released two albums and 4 EPs. My favorite songs by him are “Over Do it” and “We Been Here” and “Lotto”.


Trip Lee *Labeled for Reuse


4) Trip Lee  So, Trip Lee has been off and on when it comes to my music line up, but I feel he is definitely an artist that people have been sleeping on. I like Trip Lee because I always feel he uses different analogies to portray concepts of the Bible. Trip Lee has 6 albums, 2 books, and his own website. He is featured on many of the above artist’s songs as well. Trip Lee is from Dallas, Texas. He doesn’t have much about himself because he likes to Brag about God. My favorite songs of his are “Clouds”,“Too Cold”, and “Robot”.

5) Lecrae Alright, now some of you have had to listen to Lecrae. He was the first rapper that I ever paid attention to. I went to my first concert to see Lecrae and I have a lot of his songs memorized. I am not trying to sound like a fanboy, but a lot of his music helped me to be more confident in what I believe in. Lecrae was born in Houston, Texas. He has released 11 albums and a book. The 11th album is Church Clothes Vol. 1, it’s not available for sale because it’s free from Rapzilla. He is a rapper who just happens to be Christian and doing a lot of work with other artists like Ty Dolla $ign. My favorite songs of his are “Souled Out” “Send Me” “Don’t Waste Your Life” “Background” “More” “Walk with Me” “Come and Get Me” and many more. Lecrae is a rapper that if you haven’t heard of him yet, you will soon. He is doesn’t like to be put in the category of “Christian Rap” because he feels that his music can help anyone, not just the Christians.




There are many rappers I left out of the list – not because they aren’t worth mentioning, but because I don’t listen to them all the time. One rapper that I will mention is KB. He is an artist that is very different from any of the ones above. He has a few songs that will get you jumping around immediately. “Church Clap” and “Not Today Satan” are two of my favorites.

Tedashii, who I can’t lie I thought fell off, but has been making some pretty cool singles. He is part of the 116 Clique, but lately seems to be working on something else. His music varies a lot of the time but still hits hard if you want to workout. “Nothing I Can’t Do” hits hard and “Jumped Out the Whip”.

Thi’sl -his music is definitely Christian trap music. If you thought they couldn’t be mixed check it out. My favorite song of his is “Go Get It”.

I hesitate to use the word Christian for any of these artists, just because not all of their music has something to do with the Bible. It would be best to think of them as artists who are Christian.

Who are the top artists that you listen to? My challenge to you is to think about the words some of the musicians are saying. Let me know what lines grab your attention the most. Do you agree with their perspective? Or are you just in love with the beat? Let me know in the comments, I am always down to chat. Thanks for reading.




2 comments on “5 Rappers You’ve Been Sleeping On

  1. I love all of these Christian rap artists! I’ve seen lecrae, Andy, KB & Trip Lee in concert. They perform amazing live! 🙌 The music they produce is much better than what’s played on the radio! God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    • crownlessheir

      That’s awesome that you got to see them all in concert at one point. I agree with you as well. Their music offers insight into things that wouldn’t normally be talked about. Grace to you -Crownlessheir

      Liked by 3 people

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