NBA Playoffs: 2nd Round Action.

The second round of the NBA playoffs are here and in the Eastern Conference, it’s almost over. The matchups are the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Toronto Raptors. Then you have the Boston Celtics vs the Philadelphia 76ers. Now that’s the eastern conference, over in the west you have the Golden State Warriors vs the New Orleans Pelicans. Finally, we have the Houston Rockets vs the Utah Jazz.


  • The Cleveland Cavaliers have taken a 3-0 series lead (you need to win 4 games to close a series out) and they’ve done it with spectacular plays and dominance. Game 1 the Toronto Raptors were playing fantastic basketball, leading most of the game until the 4th quarter where LeBron James and the Cavs made their comeback. The Cavs kept chipping away at the lead and in the final 92 seconds of regulation LeBron hit two clutch shots to send the game into overtime. Game 3 the Cavs were winning the game easily, and the Raptors made their way back. The game came down to the final shot, and it was LeBron James winning the game with a running buzzer-beating floater.


  • The Boston Celtics also lead their series 3-0 vs the Philadelphia 76ers. The first two games in Boston were fairly easy wins for the Celtics. Game 3, the first game in Philadelphia, the game went down to the wire. The Boston Celtics center/power forward Al Horford made two crucial clutch plays. First, he scored a bucket and got foul (he made the free throw) with 5.5 seconds left in overtime to give the Celtics a one point lead. Then with 3.9 seconds left Horford stole the ball got fouled and hit his two free throws. The Celtics won the game 101-98.


  • The Golden State Warriors lead in their series 3-1. Other than from the dominating performance by the Pelicans Anthony Davis in game 3 ( 33 points 18 rebounds) the Warriors have beaten the New Orleans Pelicans relatively easy.

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  • The Houston Rockets are leading their series against the Utah Jazz 3-1. The Jazz shocked the Rockets in game 2 which was in Houston with their 116-108 victory. But just like the Warriors the Rockets have beaten the Jazz fairly easy the rest of the way.


My opinion I believe the conference finals in the east will be between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics. The West I believe with their series leads, will be between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets… Game On!!!



31 year-old father of two amazing little girls and an author with Titan Inkorp and with Msniseybaby.com. Travis Frey has a novel and a novella scheduled to be released this summer. Travis would love for you to check out his work. Thank you.

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