Tips and Remedies for College Finals

by Evelyn Davis

College Finals, whether in the Fall or Spring semester, is an illness student receive with symptoms of anxiety, stress, and ingesting too much caffeine drinks. How can a student succeed during finals week? Some may say by studying, others will want to approach the teacher about discussing their grade. Even after midterms, students decide to stay in a certain class without dropping the course hoping a big project, or research paper can save one’s grade. Not many people advertise which important factors that can help college students during the fatal moment in a college semester: finals week. After five years of college, I have some tips to share, which include: studying with others, be mindful of what you ingest that week, and getting a good eight hours of sleep. These tips can help any student and not freak out by finals week, especially first-time students. I plan to reveal the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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I have some advice to share for all college students: form a study group (preferably after spring break if its last minutes), drink calm and smoothing healthier drinks (no coffee whatsoever), and sleep, you’re going to pass that class. The three tips and remedies include:

  1. Form a study group with your classmates.

Ah, the old studying advice is a bit old, but I want to add a spin to it. Everyone does not like going to a tutor, or feel comfortable asking the teacher, who’s failing them, for assistance. One great alternative is to become friendly up with your classmates in the class. Believe it or not, someone in the class did take good enough notes to outline each chapter reviewed that semester. This person is now your best friend. Or, better yet, quizzing each other outside of the class is even more helpful. I remember doing this for a classmate on our first political science test and the interaction did help both me and him remember each date, important person, and events during the required time period.

  1. Drink a Healthier Beverage, not coffee.

Surprisingly, not everyone gets a good breakfast, or lunch for that matter. Yet, I see most college students consume an energy drink, or snack bar, as an alternative. This lack of nutrition can cause sluggish activity. Even if you still like to drink a beverage, please choose a healthier option. Herbal Tea is organic and tastes great with a little sugar or honey in the mix. Actual coffee and energy drinks will slow down a person’s mobility. Or, you can try drinking a healthy fruit smoothie than Herbal Tea. Put down the five-hour energy now! Please.

  1. Sleep more, stress less.

Most college students already statically don’t sleep well enough each day of the week. Or, so I heard. My college, Southeastern Louisiana University, had a sleep advisory club which promoted awareness about college students lack rest. So, in between finals, set your alarm on your phone and find a place to nap quietly. Don’t try to cram in some last-minute formulas, main ideas of a story, or create a cheat sheet. I remember one semester; a student came thirty minutes late to a History Final because he or she overslept. Who knows what he or she was doing the night before, but whatever it is, nothing can be more important than setting a sleep schedule for a final exam the next morning. Unfortunately, the student couldn’t take the final as most of the students already taken the test and left. I felt bad for my classmate and learned an important lesson that day. Just sleep, preferably the library has great couches, benches, and tables.

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In the end, these tips and remedies may seem simple, but from my experiences, the smallest mistake can ruin someone’s end game. Studying with classmates can be more beneficial than finding out everything about a certain course alone. Then, a person should make sure to eat a good simple breakfast or lunch before the exam, not just coffee. Last, but certainly not least, set the alarm ahead of time by forming a sleep schedule because most exams are timed on certain days and it is good to plan early than later. Everyone wants to pass their classes and not pay another $300 dollars for the same course again.

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