NBA Playoffs: And then there were four.

The second round of the NBA playoffs didn’t have the excitement as the first round had. In the second round, the top four teams showed why they are the best if the best in the league.


  • The Cleveland Cavaliers took easy care of the Toronto Raptors with a 4-0 series sweep. LeBron James was being himself as always. LeBron averaged 34.0 points and 11.3 assists for the entire series. LeBron added to his legend with a banking game-winning shot in game 3 of the series.


  • The short-handed Boston Celtics once again shocked me by taking care of the Philadelphia 76ers rather easily with their 4-1 series win. The exciting moment is this series was when the Celtics Al Horford, hit the game-winning shot, and then the very next play he stole the ball to assure the win.


  • Over in the Western Conference the team with the best record this season, the Houston Rockets took apart the Utah Jazz 4-1. The series-clinching game 5 saw Chris Paul come alive with a dominant performance. Paul scored 41 points and chipped in with 10 assists. With the Rockets moving on, this will be the first conference finals appearance for Chris Paul.


  • The defending champion Golden State Warriors whipped up on the New Orleans Pelicans 4-1. This series saw the Golden State Warriors center/forward Draymond Green average a triple-double for the entire series. This is the first time a Warriors player has ever done that.

Like I said earlier, the second round wasn’t as exciting, it had its moments but not like the first round in my opinion. It showed where the power lies in the NBA. I predict that the conference finals will be a lot more exciting with well-played basketball… Hard fought basketball, the way it is meant to be played. To me this is exciting, the final four teams, after the conference finals we will have the two best teams playing for the ultimate prize… The championship!!!



31 year-old father of two amazing little girls and an author with Titan Inkorp and with Msniseybaby.com. Travis Frey has a novel and a novella scheduled to be released this summer. Travis would love for you to check out his work. Thank you.

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