Storybook Cosmetics: A Makeup Brand for Bookish Lovers

By Evelyn Davis

Everyone likes makeup. From eye shadows, lipsticks, to contouring, women and men are creating fashionable iconic looks. Almost every makeup artists, gurus, and popular social media stars (YouTubers) is collaborating with makeup companies to create their own collection to sell. Also, these social media stars are promoting indie makeup companies, which help them gain more consumers. A makeup brand for example is “Storybook Cosmetics”. These three sisters literally broke the internet with their creative makeup brush designs, eye shadow palettes, and social media fame.

The creators, whom are identical triplets Erin, Mandy and Missy Maynard created a makeup brand for book lovers and makeup artist combined. Their motto and purpose behind creating Storybook Cosmetics, from their website, “Once upon a time there were three sisters who never stopped believing in fairy tales…” which influence their love for storytelling and passion for makeup. When I first heard about this makeup brand, back in 2016, I had an inkling they will become more popular in the future. Yet, exactly how did these three sisters and their makeup brand become famous?

October 2016, their first product of makeup brushes set their marks in the beauty industry. Starting out as an indie company, they launch an internet breaking eyeshadow brush set called, “The Harry Potter Wand Brush”. Many people reviewed the brushes on blogs, YouTube videos, and Facebook Pages. Even Beauty Gurus couldn’t resist trying out the eyeshadow brushes. The brush handles already had people loving the product, but the quality of the brushes themselves, sold consumers. Unfortunately, the company does not sell the original wand brushes anymore, but I can provide pictures of what they look like and you can understand why people went bananas over the brushes.

20180508_192241 brushes

(Both photos are taken on my personal camera; I own this eyeshadow brush set personally)

The packaging of a simple black and silver pouch with each brush wrapped in plastic to protect the products from damage. So cute, right? I totally agree. This collection contains five eyeshadow brushes, which each handle is made after a character’s fictional wand in the stories:

  1. Large Shadow Fluff Brush (Ron Weasley’s Wand)
  2. Angle Brush (Hermione Ganger’s Wand)
  3. Flat Eyeshadow Brush (Lord Voldemort’s Wand)
  4. Eyeshadow Blending Brush (Elder Wand/ Dumbledore’s Wand)
  5. Pointed Crease Brush (Harry Potter’s wand)

Many people became attracted this creative idea for brushes and instantly sold out on the website. I, myself, was luckily to find these brushes before they were re-modeled into newer wand handles, which are featured on the website here.

rose brush

(This photo is from the Storybook Cosmetic website, the newest popular brush set.)

Another product that made this brand famous is the eyeshadow palettes. Currently, they sell three eyeshadow palettes: The “Wizardry and Witchcraft” (Smokey palette), “Mean Girls Burn Book” (color palette), and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (warm nudes color palette). Each eyeshadow palette is inspired by various famous fictional stories and films. If you follow Storybook Cosmetics on Instagram, you can see how the models photograph a look from each palette.

smoky eye storybook

(This photo is from the Storybook Cosmetic website, inside of the “Wizardry and Witchcraft” eyeshadow palette.)

Lastly, I will mention the prices of their brushes and eyeshadow palettes. They priced their products like a high-end company does like, “Huda Beauty”, “Bare Minerals”, or “Urban Decay”. The product is worth the price of fifty dollars. Why not treat yourself to some good makeup products? Plus, support upcoming makeup brands like Storybook Cosmetics because they can shock you with creativity and style. Now, you can find their products on the Ultra Beauty website as well.

In the end, Storybook Cosmetics is a brand worth exploring for your new favorite eyeshadow palettes and brushes. Whether the consumer is a lover of storytelling or not, Storybook Cosmetics appeals to everyone and is cruelty free. These three sisters are popular because of the “Harry Potter Wand” brushes, and the eyeshadow palette shows they aren’t stopping no time soon. The key to creating and succeeding in a business is do what makes you passionate and let the product sell itself.


“Storybook Cosmetics” Social Media Links:




Or @storybookcosmetics

Snapchat: @StorybookMakeup

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