NBA Playoffs: The Conference Finals

by Travis Frey

Hello again, this time I’m back with an update on the 2018 NBA playoffs. We have reached the conference finals. In the East, we have the Cleveland Cavaliers taking on the Boston Celtics. In the West, we have a mighty face-off between the Houston Rockets and the defending champion Golden State Warriors. Now the winner of each respected series will go on the finals to play for the championship. The finals will start on May 31, 2018. Now let’s break down the two series so far.



  • The Boston Celtics came out swinging against the Cleveland Cavaliers winning both games in Boston easily. Game 1 Boston won 108-83. LeBron James struggled with only 15 points in game 1. Game 2 saw the Celtics win 107-94. Game 3 the series switched to Cleveland, and the Cavaliers were ready. In this game they were the aggressors, winning the game 116-86. Boston leads the series 2-1, should be a tight series from here on out.


  • Out West, the Golden State Warriors entered into Houston and stole game 1 from the Rockets with a 119-106 victory. Game 2 would be a different story. The Rockets came out strong and successfully defended their home court with a 127-105 victory. Game 3 the series shifted to Golden State. The Warriors copied the Rockets script from game 2. Dominating the entire game and successfully defended their home court with a 126-85 victory.



So both east and west series are in a 2-1 battle to get to the finals. Who will win? I can’t wait to watch and find out.



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