Creating Memories For This Summer

Summer time is approaching soon. Starting within the next week, summer programs take off to keep the younger kids busy, while the parents relax at home or work. What will the Millennials do? Believe it or not, we will be enjoying the summer sun at beaches, road trips to music concerts, and attend barbecues. Unless your recent graduate, then job searching is the main goal of stability. Yet, regardless of what you have planned to do this summer, it’s all about creating memories. Millennials are still living the times of their life. No matter the tragedy or blessings enter in life, the memories will last forever.

So, what are some plans Millennials can do for fun that is safe and enjoyable? Take a road trip, attend a music concert, or, start your career in an internship. These options may seem a bit cliché or boring, but evaluate each course of action:


Road Trip with friends

You and your friends can spend the summer in a new location and learn about new cultures. Every town is different, everyone seasonings their food in a new creative way. Also, high school graduates need to experience some type of fun before entering college this fall. For a person to feel the excitement of packing clothes, getting out your phone and using google maps to direct the path, is a new adventure outside the limitations of one’s town and comfort zone. In order for a road trip to happen, everyone has to save money, keep gas in the car, and try not to get arrested in another part of town or city he or she is unfamiliar with during the trip. Sounds easy enough, right? Plane rides can be expensive, plus you miss out on talking with your friends about future plans.


Music concerts

Most youth and young adults like attending music concerts and festivals to see their favorite artist. Some good examples are Essence Festival, Summer Fest, Lollapalooza, and more. Or, fans go to the individual artist(s) concert/tour like Bruno Mars, The Weekend, or Kendrick Lamar. The anticipation, costume decorating, and waiting in line is a part of the lifestyle fans want to experience when seeing their favorite artist. Most importantly, people create a bond together over the love of music.  These bonds form memories over each show they seen and introduce a family member or friend to a new style of music Furthermore, our site keeps readers updated on the latest concerts, music festivals, and releases of new music by both indie and record-labeled artist.



An internship is a job opportunity someone receives or goes out looking for, in his or her field of interest. Both high school and college graduates can decide to take an alternative route this summer and get involved in their career. When most people leave high school, they know exactly which career path he or she wishes to take in life. By establishing the right connections, a person can start gathering experience sooner than later. This mindset only works if the individual is doing a job he or she is passionate about and want to make a change in the world now.


Ultimately, your summer can be productive or unproductive. Instead of being at home, plan to create memories that will you can look back on and laugh about how you spent your summer. To all the graduates, enjoy yourselves this summer. Also, remember your options to either take a road trip, go to a concert, or start your career early. The possibilities are endless in how you start your adult life, but right now, live.


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