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A Heroic Craving | 2 Shows that will Satisfy

The Avengers, Justice League, Deadpool, these movies all have one thing in common, superheroes. However, if you are like me, after seeing the movies you will be left with a sense of bewilderment and wonder. A hunger for more action and story. Well, fret not because I know two shows that will satisfy that craving. My Hero Academia and One Punch Man.

My Hero Academia is an anime set in a world where most people have a super power. The show will call them a quirk. The main character is Izuku Midoriya (call him Deku) who lives in the world. Without spoiling the anime, Deku is thrust into the world and has some major realizations. The show asks a strong question, what does it take to be a hero? Deku will have you cheering him on the entire time through as the show seeks to answer this question. My Hero Academia is on it’s second season with more to expected.


The next show is One Punch Man. The protagonist of this show is Saitama (call him One Punch Man) who has the power to defeat anyone with a single punch. The best thing about this show is that simple fact; He can defeat any villain with a single punch. The show doesn’t take itself seriously and provides a humor to the world of superheroes. One Punch Man only has one season so far and I hope they do more.

Those two shows are my recommendations. Check them out if you’re hungry for action and want a hero to root for. Have you seen One Punch Man or My Hero Academia? If so what did you think of them? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. As always thanks for reading.

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