High-End Makeup Brands vs. Dupes

Everyone likes a good makeup product from a high-end, well known, makeup company. Not many people trust to try a brand that isn’t in Sephora or Ultra stores. But, what if you can’t afford to purchase high-end brand makeup? There is a dupe. Someone thought of a creative idea to make a copy-cat, or replica, of a popular eye shadow palette. Hence, the meaning of Dupe, or Duplicate to be more precise. On the Internet, YouTubers’ are praising this makeup app, “Hush”, and the amazing deals you can find on it. Plus, a few bold individuals tested and discover some companies have identical makeup compare to more expensive brands products. Soon enough, you will find out a new place to buy affordable makeup for the exquisite look without breaking the bank.

Everything becomes popular on either Facebook or YouTube. While looking at a few of my own favorite beauty gurus, they introduce a new makeup app that is changing the game for all makeup brands. The Hush App is meant to meet the average consumer needs in makeup, skincare, and beauty accessories. They introduce you to brands that are unknown to many and need recognition like how many beauty brands had to begin to the bottom. Every brand needs a break into the industry and the Hush App gives indie makeup brands that help.



One of the many things this app is famous for is the makeup, specifically eye shadow palettes and brushes. For example, recent famous eye shadow palettes from companies like, “Anastasia’s Beverly Hills”, “Huda Beauty”, “Urban Decay”, “Tarte”, and many more that people rave about nowadays have a duplicate on the Hush App. In one case is the Huda Beauty’s “Rose Gold” eye shadow palette which is a pretty warm nude collection to create a soft summer look.


(This photo is from the Sephora website.)


In addition, on the Hush App by Bad Habit’s makeup brand, they have an eyeshadow palette, “Aphrodite”, that has the same colors in the “Rose Gold” palette. The only difference is the arrangement of the colors.


(The picture is from the website, “Bad Habit”.)


Both palettes are so identical, its mind-blowing. Also, the price difference is a huge money saver. The “Huda’s Rose Gold” palette is $65 dollars on the Sephora website. Comparing prices, the “Bad Habit’s Aphrodite” palette, on the Hush App, is $14 dollars. You cannot get makeup more affordable than this!

Therefore, the original source about the Hush App and dupe eye shadow palettes is from YouTube Beauty Video Bloggers. Here is a link to one of many beauty YouTubers whom acknowledge the hype of “the Hush app’s” makeup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHMe6syb72o

In the final analysis, I believe makeup lovers should try out the Hush App before heading to Sephora, or grocery stores to get makeup. People are still being creative with making makeup affordable. Individuals can still get the expensive look, but at a decent price.