Women in Hollywood Need to Stop the Beef

In a world of people who live for spilled tea, the public loves to hear about the latest celebrity feuds. I understand when you work in a certain occupation, you might not always like your coworkers. It is never a guarantee you will get along with everyone because each individual carries different sets of values that might not connect well with someone else’s.

But for some reason, the world of celebrity gossip only focuses on female beefs and make it look as if women struggle to get along. Every little move a female actress or singer does is carefully analyzed to see if the artist threw shade towards another woman. In an effort to convince the world these stars genuinely hate each other, countless blogs update fans about every expression given, seflie taken, and song lyric.

I recently saw a video from a YouTube channel dedicated to following the lives of celebs where the hosts discussed that because of the blank she wore during Taylor Swift’s Billboard acceptance speech, fans believe Demi Lovato dissed the Top Female Artist recipient. I’m really confused why people are taking a look and stretching it out to be something it isn’t and I would like to remind the public that there are folks out there who suffer from resting b*tch face.

Every time something good happens to a female public figure, the media strives to find out what her “archenemy” thinks of the win. After Camila Cabello and Normani each finished their killer performances at the Billboard music awards, it seemed like people expectedly waited for the women to subtweet each on Twitter. The Internet expected the claws to come out, but the women showed each other support as women should.

Male celebrity feuds are rarely circulated on magazines and social media, and if two male celebrities do fight, it usually doesn’t have the same life expectancy as female disagreements. The media doesn’t deep dive into every action the men do. Male friendships are set in stone, but pop culture continues to wonder who is in and out of Taylor Swift’s squad.

Whether the women actually have a problem with each other or being pinned against each other for entertainment, this type of behavior is dangerous because it creates the false narrative that there is not enough room for all women to succeed. “I always feel like I’m getting compared to other females. “ Dreezy, a rapper from Chicago told Complex. “It’s kind of stupid because they don’t do that to the male counterparts. They all coexist, you feel me?” When women are constantly put against each other, they don’t take as much space in the entertainment industry because they are basically weeding each other.

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In 2015, the Harvard Kennedy School conducted a study and discovered men behave in a discriminatory manner towards women when they have entered a male-dominated industry. The researchers also noted that men would act sexist towards women when they feel their high standing in the social hierarchy is threatened. But before you run off screaming, “Men are trash” keep in mind all of the blame can’t be placed entirely on men. Of course, there are those douchebags that have not yet realized society has entered the twentieth-first century, but not all men have a backward mindset.

Female feuds constantly receive attention by blogs, and if they pass a couple of days without taking pictures with each other, fans begin to speculate if two female stars are still friends. Some of the blame can also be placed on the women themselves. Dr. Katherine Ryan studied the impact of gender issues on organizational culture and performance and concluded that in conditions where they are underrepresented, women are less supportive of each other. The fewer opportunities there are for women to thrive, the more they will turn against each other.

Women should not allow themselves to fall for the fictional idea that they can’t be friends. In a world where opportunities for women is limited, women have to stop wasting their time fighting against each other instead aim to support each other. There are so many factors trying to stand in a woman’s way, and one of those elements should never be another woman.

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