The NBA Finals: The Fourth dance

By Travis Frey

The NBA Finals are upon us and for the fourth consecutive year the matchup is between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The most two teams ever met in a row in the finals was two, and a bunch of teams have done that. This is different, these two teams will now be facing off for the forth time in a row… Unbelievable.


  • The first matchup back in 2015 saw the Warriors beat up on the injury plagued Cavaliers winning the series 4-2.


  • 2016- the repeat saw the greatest comeback of all time in NBA Finals history. The record-breaking 73 win Warriors were up 3-1 against the Cavaliers (only needing one more win to seal the championship) only to see their lead diminished as the championship slipped through their hands as Kyrie Irving nailed the game-winning shot in game 7, sealing the series for the Cleveland Cavaliers (4-3 Cavs win).
  • The Warriors went out and signed superstar Kevin Durant last year to make their team even better… And it showed. The third matchup showed the most lopsided matchup yet as the Warriors easily won the series 4-1, despite the first ever triple double average in NBA Finals history by LeBron James.
  • Now on to this year. The fourth dance, if you want to call it that, started out with a bang. Game 1 was incredible, it came down to the last few seconds of the fourth quarter… Or it may have seemed. With 4.7 seconds left in the game, the Cavaliers were down by only one point. The Cav’s George Hill went to the foul line with two shots. The first one he made; tie game. The second one… MISSED! But the Cav’s J.R. Smith grabbed the rebound and had a chance to win the game. Then the crazy part happened. Smith didn’t shoot, instead and ran the ball out, looking like he was trying to dribble the time out. LeBron James yelled and screamed at him to shoot. By the time Smith knew what was going on, his pass back to Hill was too late, the clock ran out and overtime was in the forecast.
  • This is the type of blunder you cannot have if you want to be a champion… Especially if you want to beat the Warriors. In overtime, the Warriors ran away with the game winning by a score of 124-114. LeBron James did all he could, he finished with a Career finals/playoff high for himself with 51 points. He also chipped in 8 rebounds and 8 assists but it wasn’t enough. James became the sixth player to score 50 points in a finals game… He was the first to score 50 and lose.
  • Game 2 played out the way everyone expected this series to go, from the start of the game the Warriors were in control. Yes, the Cavaliers made runs throughout the game to make it close, but the Warriors would always pull away. The Warriors took game 2 with a 122-103 victory. Steph Curry led the Warriors with 33 points.

Game 3 will be played in Cleveland on Wednesday, June 6. I’ll be watching… Will you?



31 year-old father of two amazing little girls and an author with Titan Inkorp and with Msniseybaby.com. Travis Frey has a novel and a novella scheduled to be released this summer. Travis would love for you to check out his work. Thank you.

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