My List for Anticipated Summer Reads


Who else is tired of binge-watching TV shows? I know I am, which is why I’m about to turn to second favorite pastime: reading. Before judgment, reading can be an enjoyable pastime with the right story in your hands. Have you read the wrong story? I know I have countless times on standardize tests, newspaper articles, and conspiracy theories (these can ruin childhoods). Besides the point, I want to introduce to you to four summer reads that will leave you wanting more, reading-wise. I recommend more than a simple love story or a fantasy whimsical journey, these books will make you think. Are you up for the challenge?


Genre: Mystery

  1. Legendary by Stephanie Garber

(release on May 29, 2018)

Ready for a trip to the Caraval? Everything written is fictional yet what the characters go through are real-life events. Legendary is the sequel to the Caraval series by Stephaine Garber. Instead of the continuing the story in Scarlett’s point of view, we dive into the younger sister, Donatella Dragna, thoughts, and action. It’s her turn to win Caraval, come face to face with the truth about who her mother really is, or was before she disappeared. Generally speaking, Caraval is just like any ordinary carnival, but with magic, everything comes at a price.


  1. Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now by Dana L. Davis

(release on May 1, 2018)

Maury wishes he had these test results. Tiffany Sly is a young girl whom just lost her mother and now, she must get to know her “biological father”. Or, is he? Another man is claiming the paternity, but her “new dad” is rich. The opportunity to live a nice life is in front of Tiffany, can she let go her troubled past, right? Well, at least the neighbor boy is cute. It’s not like not he can betray her. In contrast, Tiffany’s parents are withholding a truth which flips Tiffany’s life upside down.


Genre: Romance

  1. All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

(release on July 17, 2018)

Romance is the greatest act of love between any given person(s). In my opinion, I’ve read a lot of romance books, but no one comes to close to Colleen Hoover. She is the queen of adult romance, plot twist, and character-driven stories. Since her first series the Slammed trilogy, readers are raving to read more of her works. . This year, her upcoming release mid-summer, All Your Perfects, is intending to make you question, if a damage situation can dissolve years of loving someone? For the couple, Quinn and Graham, their memories, mistakes, and regrets are eating away any possible hope for a successful future. Yet, can unconditional love conquer all?


  1. From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon

(release on May 22, 2018)

Every reader is demanding diverse books, so I recommend the author: Sandhya Menon. She is known for her first YA novel, When Dimple Met Rishi, and fans rejoice over an Indian love story. The author infuses her own culture, heritage, and customs into her stories, which makes the characters stand out. For example, From Twinkle, With Love is about a young Indian girl gets the opportunity to make a film that will show off her talent for storytelling and finally confess her feelings for the boy she likes. I mean, who doesn’t like the most popular boy in school? Twinkle has a classic rom-com (romantic comedy) on her hands.

All these book recommendations are a mixture of romantic-comedy, psychological thriller, and more. For your summer reading, the choices don’t have to be boring. Diving into unknown fantasy worlds can be fresh and exciting. While reliving a fictional high school is nostalgic, everyone has a different experience in between the adolescent age(s). Hopefully, you can find a book that peaks your interest while trying to recover from another story or summer fling.

*(The source for more information on each book is on the website,


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