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Tea Time With Tori: Talks Origins, Thompson Productions, Her Vision for Memphis, & More

“I’m Tori Thompson and I’m the creator of Thompson Productions.”

IMG_0457   Thompson initially planned Tea Time with Tori as a blog where she would write and publish videos of her talents like singing and reciting poetry. After a year-long tea binge, the idea of an actual talk show came about Fall 2016. With an audience that started out with about 12 people and eventually grew to over 300, she continually grabs the youth toward her audiences by choosing a variety of topics from the media, discussions from the streets, and controversial issues in pop culture.

Inspired by actress and executive producer, Issa Rae, Tori created Thompson Productions as a way to hone her name in the city of Memphis by adding on more creative projects outside of the talk show. Cynthia Daniels, a Memphis events strategist, inspires Thompson also — like her, she wants to continue to organize and bring the younger crowd together, and eventually bridge the youth with the older groups in the city.



February 2018, in time for Black History Month, I was invited to attend and become a panelist for a brunch version of Tea Time with Tori. The experience for me was incredible; the atmosphere was chill, the food was great, and we could come together and have conversations in Memphis about topics pop culture. A true leap of courage riled me to speak in front of a crowd and I am usually just a spectator. Although the jitters were there, Thompson certainly has a way of guiding you through your thoughts.

IG @itsteatimewithtori photo via @filtered_focus

When searching for creatives to feature on MNB – it isn’t as easy as you think. I come across various collections of artwork or photography from a plethora of creatives on social media. I’m always listening to musicians that send album work or new singles – but I felt like it was time to highlight a new type of creative. I initially recorded our interview for only writing purposes, yet after playing it back, I thought our conversation sounded pretty good. MNB made it the first episode of “No Small Talk”.

Check it Out below.


Follow her on IG @itsteatimewithtori



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