Six Ways To Stay Committed To Your Summer Workout Routine

As we enter into the bright season of summer, many people are finally remembering the new year’s resolution they set in the beginning of the year and have decided to recommit themselves to working out. But it is much easier to tell yourself you are going to exercise than it is to actually do the activity. Excuses and laziness seem to pop up the moment you grab your keys to go to the gym. Listed below are six ways to help you stay committed to your new exercise routine.

Do it Four You.jpg
This is your body, and what you do with it is your choice. (Image via the willPower method). 

Do It For You Alone

In order to stay committed to your workout, it is crucial that you are doing it for the right reasons. Your reason to start exercising can’t be because of another person, but because you want to better yourself by becoming healthier. This is your body, and you are the only person who gets to decide what you do with that body. Those who workout for themselves are more motivated, so this is the perfect time to be selfish.

Be Honest With Yourself

When you begin your fitness journey, you can’t expect yourself to be able to run four miles or do a 45 minute HIIT routine immediately unless you are a superhuman. Starting off small such as running half a mile or taking a beginners class builds your strength, and once it becomes easy, you can increase the intensity. That being said, there is not a quick healthy way to lose weight, so don’t think you’ll suddenly have a six pack in a couple days instead be patient with yourself and your results.

WOkrout 2
Doing an exercise you like doing will help you stay motivated. (Image via Huffington Post)

Choose Something You Like

No one is forcing you to exercise, so you don’t have to continue with a workout style you don’t like. Your workout plan has to be something you enjoy doing. Obliging yourself to do an activity you hate will only make it harder to be consistent with your fitness journey. If you ever feel bored or stuck, consider mixing up the types of workout you do. Trying new fitness styles is a good way to keep both your mind and body alert, and you might just find your new personal favorite.

Make Room In Your Schedule

If you want to stay devoted to the new task, you have to turn it into a habit. The activity has to become second nature, so take a good look at your schedule and find the best spot to fit in the workout. For me, the best time to exercise is in the morning, so I don’t procrastinate, and I can start the day off feeling accomplished. Once you figure out which time works best for you, stick to the plan and before you know it, the new routine will be a force of habit.

Fitness 2
You may be tempted to stay in bed if you don’t find a gym located near you. (Image via Active). 

Pick A Convenient Location

If driving to the gym is an hour commute, you will not be inspired to go to the gym. Search for a location that is a suitable distance from you; this way you will more likely get out of bed to make the drive. If there is not a gym, for some reason, within a 20-minute car ride, you can still workout at home or run around your neighborhood. No excuses.

Find A Gym Partner

Finding a person to workout alongside you can keep you in check. This person can has to be into the same activities you are whether or not they are as committed as you are, your gym buddy will hold you accountable. It is much harder to bail out of an exercise routine when you made plans to do it with another person. Besides helping you stay consistent with your physical activity, this is a great way to strengthen the bond you share with this person.

Starting a fitness journey is always bumpy in the beginning, so don’t beat yourself too hard if you make a couple of mistakes along the way. You won’t achieve that much-desired summer glow-up by being your own personal drill sergeant. Allow yourself to get gradually stronger, and soon enough your workout will be a new habit.


1 comment on “Six Ways To Stay Committed To Your Summer Workout Routine

  1. Franco & Reese

    Awesome tips!!! I love how you said you have to honest with yourself.


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