The 2018 NBA Finals Recap

By Travis Frey

  • The NBA Finals have come and go. It seemed to pass quicker than a blink of an eye and the reason I say this is that the Golden State Warriors won in a sweep, 4-0 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. After LeBron James‘ 51 point game 1, he played well, but he wasn’t on the same level in the next 3 games. Over the next 3 games, James scored 29, 33, 23. So you can see there was a drop-off. After the game 4 loss and series loss, we came to find out why James’ play may have fallen off. LeBron came out to greet the media with a brace on his hand. He told the reports that after the Game 1 loss he did something to cause his hand injury and that it may be broken. usa_today_10499262.0
  • The Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant won the Finals MVP for the second straight year. In game 3, the first game in Cleveland, the Cavaliers were looking good, playing tough. They took a 6 point lead at halftime and were looking poised. That all changed in the 3rd quarter. The Warriors outscored the Cavaliers 8 in the quarter and Kevin Durant led the charge. The 4th quarter played about the same. The Warriors outscored the Cavaliers by 6 and Kevin Durant hit big shot after big shot to bury the Cavaliers. The Warriors won the game 110-102. Durant finished the game with 43. Game 4 turned out to be a blowout win for the Warriors.
  • They won 108-85, Durant finished with a triple-double. Durant had 20 points, 12 rebound, and 10 assists. The Warriors won again, the third time in four years. They won again by beating the Cavaliers, sending LeBron James home and pondering where he may play next year.Kevin-Durant-was-named-the-2018-NBA-Finals-MVP-971733

The NBA season was a fun one, I personally thought we may have had a different finals match-up, but we were given the same old storyline. 2018 season is officially over, teams now will prepare for next year. Will we have a 5th straight Warriors vs Cavalier’s finals? Or will some other team breakthrough?


31 year-old father of two amazing little girls and an author with Titan Inkorp and with Msniseybaby.com. Travis Frey has a novel and a novella scheduled to be released this summer. Travis would love for you to check out his work. Thank you.

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