I’m Every Woman- An “Ocean’s 8” Film Analysis

James Bond meets Sex in the City in this summer’s new film, “Ocean’s 8”.


Women can be just as cunning and creative as men, which is proven in Gary Ross’ newest film, “Ocean’s 8”. He forms a new spin off in the Oceans series with an all-girl cast that audiences can’t wait to see work together on a heist. This film does not disappoint from the cast of characters, motive for the con, and the execution.


The Characters

The cast of characters includes eight leading ladies:

  1. Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock)- a scorned woman and mastermind behind the con.
  2. Lou (Cat Blanchett)- partner-in-crime and helps recruits the other ladies.
  3. Nine Ball (Rihanna)- computer hacker
  4. Amita (Mindy Kaling)- jewelry expert
  5. Tammy (Sarah Paulson)- acquires stolen goods without getting caught, almost like a sticky finger person.
  6. Constance (Awkwafina)- street pocket thief
  7. Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway)- scapegoat in the con and plays the role of a famous actress in the film
  8. Rose (Helena Bonham-Carter)- a failing fashion designer


Motive of the Con

So, Debbie Ocean wants to steal the Cartier’s most prize diamond necklace, Jeanne Toussaint a necklace that necklace has a net worth of $150 million dollars. There is a real story behind the necklace and Cartier’s history if anyone’s interested can the article below.


In the film, Debbie and her partner in crime, Lou recruit five ladies who are going to help steal the necklace. They plan to break even, seven ways, if they succeed. Later in the film, Debbie pulls a plot twist on the ladies about the real reason for this con and realize this isn’t about gaining money for her.



The night of the Met Gala, everyone is walking the runway. Famous celebrities are making an appearance in the film to make the film realistic. For example, Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian-West, even the artist and activist, Common. All the ladies get into position and everything seems to go according to Debbie’s schedule. Daphne Kluger, our scapegoat, gets food poison and runs to the bathroom where our pocket thief, Constance, steals the necklace without a moment’s hesitation. Seems simple, right? There are more steps involved in stealing the necklace, but this is a spoiler free review. Likewise, the execution of the con is brilliantly thought out. Debbie and Lou hand picked the right ladies, but how trustworthy are these women? Anyone can squeal and everyone’s caught. Will the con go through without a hitch?


** Side note: I saw the film in AMC’s newest theater watching experience, “Dolby Cinema”. The price is a bit more than standard theater tickets, but worth your money. Walking into this theater, the screen is bigger than Standard screens, and the audio is better as well. I felt the sound bounce off the walls into my seat, literally. If you have the cash, see this film in the AMC’s Dolby Cinema.

Overall Opinion

“Ocean’s 8” is a movie worth seeing this summer. This film captures women’s empowerment, the intelligence of a woman, and the diversity is appreciated. Each character is a different race with their own style of clothing, hair, and dialogue. Even the night of the con, each lady wore a dress that match their character(s). The comedy aspect of the film is refreshing and audiences will laugh along with each joke. Ladies should invite their girlfriends out to enjoy a film about a woman gaining success than getting their heart broken by a man. Filmography is now taking the appreciation of the strong woman.


Hey, hey! My name is Evelyn Davis and I'm a Creative Writer. I like writing poetry, fiction, drama, blogging, and essays. I like to keep an opened mind while writing and keep my humor alive as long as possible.

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