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Son of a Murderer |What God of War Showed Me about Fatherhood

God of War has always been about vengeance and victory, but this most recent entry into the series was about fatherhood. The video game God of War has been around since 2005. Within the games you play as Kratos a Spartan that wanted to achieve victory in battle, so he pledged his allegiance to Aries the god of war, for victory. However, Aries tricks him into killing his family and Kratos sets out for vengeance against the entire Greek Pantheon. There are two things that stood out, to me, from watching a Let’s Play of God of War, keep reading at your own risk!


The first is that being a father is more than just leading your family. In the video game Kratos, the main character that the user controls is pitted against all types of enemies. His son, Atreus, is accompanying him as they venture to the tallest mountain in the land. Kratos had to fight trolls and the risen dead who get in the way of his journey.
Kratos is leading his son and along the way teaching him to hunt and to stay focused. It made me think of the ways that my father taught me. Luckily, however, I didn’t have to kill trolls or the risen dead. Kratos teaching his son made me realize that being a father means to also be a teacher, protector, and a leader.


The last thing I realized is that it is important to know about your father’s past. In the video game, Kratos is the god of war. This would mean that his son would be a god as well however, Kratos did not tell his son about his heritage. Atreus suffers from not knowing about his godly blood, physically. Kratos later tells Atreus about his heritage and he becomes a brat. Atreus starts to disobey Kratos because “gods can do whatever they like” or so Atreus believes. Eventually, they find harmony in their relationship and bond once again.


I feel this can relate to reality in the sense of biological circumstance. If your father struggles with something like alcoholism, drugs, or diabetes, perhaps it can affect you. Knowing about your family’s weakness and strengths can be helpful in preventing future problems. However, God of War showed me that it could be a way to bond with a relative that we normally wouldn’t connect with.

I will most likely buy the game and play it myself, analyzing its themes and tropes. Being a father seems difficult and I feel God of War captures that difficulty. I hope that your Father’s Day went well. Spend time with your father even when it’s not a special day, you might find out you’re half god *wink*. As always Fam thanks for reading. If you learned anything interesting about your father or your family or if you played the game, let me know in the comments or tweet me @crownlessheir.

Grace to you


Image Sources: -https://www.flickr.com/photos/158561476@N06/39767124050

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