The Next Big Thing in R&B -Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges is a soulful up-and-coming R&B musician from Texas who has entered the entertainment arena with a fiery passion. If you haven’t heard of him (where have you been?!), you’re about to.

The first time I heard Leon Bridges, I was watching an episode of Big Little Lies. Leon Bridge’s smooth sultry voice came sliding from the speakers so silkily, I paused the show to immediately look up who that voice was coming from. The song was called ‘River’, and it was aptly named as the lyrics and melody flowed beautifully through the track. I listened to it over and over, as I often do whenever I fall in love with a song. It was so beautiful and made me feel relaxed, hopeful, and inspired. It was then that I truly began to become mystified by Leon Bridges.

Being a Texas girl, I was of course doubly interested in Leon as he is from Ft. Worth, Texas. Born Todd Michael Bridges, Leon took his guitar, songwriting skills, and beautifully rich voice and began performing around his hometown of Ft. Worth. He didn’t stop there. He began submitting music to Soundcloud which ultimately led to Columbia records, who retain artists such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Adele, Zayn Malik, and BTS, signing him.

His debut album, ‘Coming Home’, debuted at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 200. In addition, the album was nominated for a Grammy, not bad for a debut album! ‘Coming Home’ is a culmination of smooth R&B with a 60s feel. His second album, ‘Good Thing’, peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 200. It’s clear that Leon is only getting better with time. He decided to hone his sound away from being categorized within the lanes of infamous names such as Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. He felt his intention was not to mimic anyone from any particular era but to tell his own story in his own way. He chose to go more contemporary with his second album, but the change didn’t take away from the magic that is rooted in the very essence of Leon Bridges talent.


Leon Bridges-Creative Commons-Flickr-Posted by badjonni


If you haven’t heard Leon Bridges before and are looking for a special kind of sound that hasn’t been present in the industry in a long time, you should really check it out. ‘River’ remains my favorite song, but ‘Brown Skin Girl’ from the album ‘Coming Home’ is a lovely track as well. Leon’s more contemporary tracks from ‘Good Thing’ such as ‘Beyond’ and ‘Bad Bad News’ are also gems.

It’s not just the vocals of Leon Bridges, his style and demeanor are also unique and fresh. Don’t sleep on this artist, because it’s clear that his talent is rising and paving a way to be that unique and new addition your playlist has been searching for.


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