The War is Over?! | The End of the Console War Could Mean a Decrease to the Gaming Community

At the beginning of June, there is an event that takes place every year, E3. It brings together all the video game companies and developers, giving them a chance to flex on the gaming community and each other. This year before the start of E3 Ubisoft a triple-A game studio suggested that the next generation of consoles would be the last.

“Ubisoft co-founder and CEO Yves Guillemot said he believes game consoles only have one more generation left in them before they fade away to be replaced completely by the ability to stream games to a multitude of platform-agnostic devices.” (Variety 2018)


I believe that if consoles were to be replaced with the ability to stream games, the change would cause a decrease in the number of gamers. My reasoning is based on how developers create video games. Most video games start with a computer-based language such as C++ or Java. These languages are how programmers communicate with a computer to create a game. Because of this process, if there were no more consoles programmers wouldn’t have to export their games from a computer into a console. They could release the game directly from their computers on to a gaming service such as Steam. Steam is a service that allows for the purchasing and downloading of video games, on to a computer. All the games on Steam have a system requirement to access the content that has been purchased.


The system requirements always include; a processor like Windows or Mac, a graphics processing unit (GPU), Memory (RAM or random access memory), and storage (Hard Drive space). This does not include the connection needed for the internet or DirectX versions. I excluded those for the sake of the length of the article.

With a console, to play a game for the PS4, all that is needed is a PS4. If there isn’t a console, what is needed is a PC. A consumer would need to buy a computer with the correct system requirements to play a game. The one benefit is that if you buy a computer with the highest possible system requirements then you won’t need a new computer for at least 5 years. However, a computer with the highest system requirements, that you don’t build yourself is minimum $1200 dollars (if you don’t research).


A console limits the developers to make a game that meets the system requirements of the console. I believe that without consoles the limit would be removed and to play a game the consumer would need a high-end computer. It is in the favor of the consumer to keep the console war going. The end of the console war would mean that each gamer would need a high-end computer to stream video games. How do you feel about the console war? Do you already have a PC powerful enough for the end of the war? If so let me know your specs! Tell me in the comments below or tweet @crownlessheir. As always Fam, thanks for reading.

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