Rom-Com Makeup Looks!

Everyone loves a good romantic comedy. Well, at least some famous movies from the 1970s-1990s like, “Grease”, “Dirty Dancing”, “One Fine Day”, “You Got Mail” and so on. What if you had a makeup palette with your favorite rom-com characters on the packaging? Sola Look, an indie makeup brand, has gained popularity on Instagram for their “Grease” inspired eyeshadow palette. The film, “Grease” released in 1978 and is trendy, marketable, and well-liked by audiences. Sola Look makeup brand is bringing something new to the table that consumers did not know they need in their makeup bags.
While scrolling through Instagram, I came across a movie inspired “Grease” Eyeshadow Palette. The company, Sola Look, has increasingly become popular because of their eyeshadow palettes. The “Grease” palette is a recent release for this summer’s collection and consumers are loving not only the color palette but the packaging as well.

grease 2

grease 1

Totally fetch, right? I believe Frenchy, a fellow Pink Lady, will approve. “Grease” is known for their songs, catchphrases, and late 1950s fashion. The makeup for the film was unnoticeable, but without taking away the actresses’ natural beauty away. This palette contains some great transition shades for an everyday or evening look.

“Dirty Dancing” Eyeshadow Palette
On the other hand, Sola Look also has another eyeshadow palette that needs recognition. The “Dirty Dancing” palette is another popular item on the Sola Look’s website. Right now, the eyeshadow palette is sold out and hopefully, they will be re-stocking this product very soon.

dirty dancing

Absolutely, gorgeous. No one can put you in a corner for trying out this look. The color palette showcases small diverse color shades and includes a warm nude color matte lipstick.
Once again, the packaging is breathtaking and well worthy of purchasing. The makeup looks a beauty lover can create are simple, nude looks unless you want to combine the colors and create a smokey eye. In addition, one rosy highlight shade is also in the palette. All three products, eyeshadow, highlight and lipstick for the price of one. Sold! For this reason, Sola Look is a must try makeup brand for any romantic comedy fans.

As shown above, Sola Look is a makeup brand willing to take the extra mile in creativity for both movie and beauty lovers. Both eyeshadow palettes, “Grease” and “Dirty Dancing”, are beautiful in combining these two ideas into one product. Most makeup looks are becoming the same and the packaging lack an excitement at times. Sola Look receives an “A” in appearance and eye-catching packaging. Besides, creators can show off new summer looks with Sola Look’s affordable makeup products and receive valuable items for keepsakes.

To purchase these palettes click here for the Grease and here for Dirty Dancing


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