New Summer Obessession- Asian Drama Tv

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We are halfway through the summer and some of us are bored watching TV all the time. In America, television shows have become predictable, repetitive, and dull. The melodramas are following similar plot lines, but with different tragedies. So, what is there left to watch? Let’s try out a new country’s television segments. For instance, Asian countries like, Korea, Japan, Taiwan make drama tv shows that are becoming more and more popular in the United States. So, what can you benefit from watching another country’s content without knowing much about them? I can tell you some advantages to watching Asian Drama TV.

Learn the culture

The Asian culture is becoming more and more popular in the United States. From Anime to food dishes, we love and appreciate all Asian cultures. Some knowledge you can learn from watching Asian Drama shows are different languages, clothing styles, and food options. For example, many people love to eat Chinse food, sushi, or ramen. Did you know not all Asians consume these dishes? Most Asians eat a full course dinner meal for breakfast instead of fruit smoothies or overnight oatmeal. Not to mention, the clothing options worn by the characters are more conservative and simple without distracting viewers. As a result, viewers can observe the raw uncut version of other races.

Creative plot-driven stories

A great example of an Asian Drama plot story is from the drama show, “Lady and Liar”.

lady n liar

The plot begins when:

“Jing Xin (Tiffany Tang/Tang Yan) was a poor yet happy young woman, she worked as a street magician. One day when she was doing a show on a stage she found out that there were people going to kill Bai Zheng Qing (Hawick Lau) (the white wolf, the leader of the rich and powerful Bai family in Shanghai), she saved him and he attracted instantly with her. However, Jiang Xin already had a blind boyfriend Wen Sheng Jie (Tony Yang) so Bai let her go to be happy with her boyfriend. Later Jiang found out that she actually was an heiress in a rich family who was lost when she was young now they found her and wanted her back to her original family and the family butler came to get her. Her friend from the neighborhood Du Xiao Han was a bad thief and doing everything for her own survival including killing Jiang Xin to get her identity as the rich daughter, she killed Jiang Xin’s grandfather when the grandpa got suspicious of her.” (IMDb website)

The plot sounds complicated, yet exciting, right? I felt the same way when I first started watching this drama in the fall of 2015. The reason I became interested in this show was the excitement behind each action of the main characters, or should I say the Lady (Jiang Xin) and her villain, the Liar (Du Xiao Han). I couldn’t believe a person would go through so much to steal another girl’s identity and wealth. Most k-dramas (Korean) and Chinese Drama shows are more dramatic with their plot-driven stories and have audiences go through multiple emotions. Likewise, if anyone’s interested in watching this drama, it is fifty-two episodes long and available to watch on website.

Popular Asian Drama websites: “Viki” and “Drama Fever”

By using these websites, a person can create an account on either website, “Viki” or “Drama Fever” for free. Additionally, you can purchase a plan and receive more benefits like the first pick on tv shows already translated and no ads while viewing episodes. Viewers can binge-watch all the episodes without waiting for the next episode to premiere in the following week, like in America. If you speak English, some episodes take longer to get 100% subtitles because a team of translators helps translate each episode. A viewer can still watch the episode, but if he or she doesn’t know the language, will not be able to understand the dialogue. This is the only downside to watching Asian Drama online. Regardless, viewers can still get the free account and begin binge watching immediately.

My Top three picks of Asian Drama Tv

(Pictures and Plot Summaries are from the Viki website.)


Love O2O

(2016) The greatest romantic comedy in drama history. 

The main character, Bei Wei Wei, is a beautiful and very smart computer science student who plays a famous Chinese online game. After getting dumped by her husband-in-game, she meets the number one player Xiao Nai, alias Yixiao Naihe.



(2016) A fantasy, historical, and romance drama.

Dokkaebi (Gong Yoo) needs a human bride to end his immortal life. Meanwhile, the Angel of Death has amnesia. Somehow these two meet and live together. They see off those who have passed away and are now leaving this world.

five children

Five Children

(2016) A Korean family drama.

Sang Tae, a widowed marketing manager with a son and daughter, falls in love with a fellow employee, Mi Jung, a single mother with three kids of her own. Together, the couple experiences true happiness while working through conflict.

Altogether, this summer you can watch a new source of television for entertainment. The Asian culture is far more interesting to learn through these shows than textbook knowledge. Even the writers come up with these unique plot-driven stories that are not written about in the States. They infuse their own cultures, Korean, Chines, Japan, and Taiwan into their drama shows. In the end, fiction can come to life by the power of words and acting.