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Five Podcasts Creative Individuals Should Listen To

Podcasts every creative individual should consider listening to. (Image via MapMyRun Blog).

Whether you are a painter, musician or writer, creative block is an unavoidable battle that you will come across at least once in your life. When you feel stuck, tuning in to a podcast is a good way to get creative ideas flowing, and listening to professionals who do what you love, might help you break into the creative industry. So pull up the podcast app because here are five podcasts creative individuals should subscribe to.

Savvy Painter

In this weekly podcast, host Antrese Wood talks about the art business, selling artwork, gives tips on how to grow your art career and interviews artists about how they established their craft and built their business. Luckily for listeners, Wood knows what she’s talking about because she previously art directed video games for Disney until she took a risk, quit her job and moved to Argentina. Selling artwork in Argentina isn’t easy, but Wood managed to sell close to 200 paintings. This podcast helps artists listening learn from those who have been there, learn new marketing tools and inspire them to continue working on their craft.

Song Exploder

In each episode of “Song Exploder,” solo artists and bands break down the story behind their songs and discuss the inspiration behind it. Host, Hrishikesh Hirway interviews well-known musicians including Solange, U2, Metallica and so many more and focuses on the artists and their song creation process. This is a good podcast for aspiring musicians trying to enter the music industry or listeners just trying to find new music.

Go Go Creative Show.jpg
Ben Consoli helps individuals learn what is like to be a part of the TV, movie and music world. (Image via Boston Herald).

The Go Creative Show

Creative individuals in the music, film or television industries can learn a lot from this podcast. The host of the podcast, Ben Consoli, who is the owner of BC Media Productions and has created commercials for brands such as Pillsbury, Puma, Nike, Verizon, and Gillette, discusses topics related to the music, film, and television industries such as technology, challenges and victories. He also interviews guest including Maroon 5’s Lighting Director, Matt Guminski, Director of Photography on Breaking Bad, Michael Slovis and author and filmmaker, Christina Crawford, about their work. With listeners tuning from over 160 countries, “The Go Creative Show” has become a melting pot of shared situations experienced by creative individuals.

Grammar Girl.jpg
Mignon Fogarty will help you improve your writing skills, one episode at a time. (Image via Anomaly Podcast). 

Grammar Girl

In this weekly show, creator Mignon Fogarty, founder and managing director of Quick and Dirty Tips, gives tips on ways to improve your writing skills. With the use of simple memory tricks, she helps listeners remember complex grammar concepts. This is the perfect podcast for every type of writers because it will sharpen your skills. It is never a bad idea to keep improving.

Creative Pep Talk

Host, Andy J. Miller is a full-time freelance illustrator who previously worked with clients such as Nickelodeon, SONY, Nutella, Google and many more, and through his podcast, Miller helps inspire people who may be suffering from a creative rut. With the use of personal stories and interviews, Millers hopes to help listeners get over their block and help them create a plan to launch their career.

Take comfort in knowing that these hosts and guests know exactly what you are going through, and they’ve got advice on how to get passed it.

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