Album Review | Let the Trap say Amen

Lecrae has made a new album that features trap beats and a holy message. There is a stereotype when it comes to Christians and it’s that they are holier than everyone else. However, Jesus never had that approach in his ministry. He was surrounded by thugs, prostitutes, blind, lame, and the socially unacceptable. I believe Lecrae is shattering the sacred and secular divide in his newest album Let the Trap say Amen.

Lecrae Trap

The album has 13 tracks each of them relating to the struggle of living in the trap. The definition for trap is one that is riddled with different meanings based on who tells it to you. If you listen to rap artists, like Gucci Mane, the trap is the place where drugs are made, and drug deals take place. However, I find that the Merriam Webster dictionary definition to be more suiting in relation to the album. It defines trap as; something by which one is caught or stopped unawares; also: a position or situation from which it is difficult or impossible to escape. Every song on the album deals with the idea that the trap is something that can be overcome by the power of God.

Each song on the album has Christian influences but does not pummel the listener with biblical facts and verses. Let the Trap say Amen is an album that exhorts its listeners to be wise about how they carry themselves. The tracks, “Plugged In” and “Holy Water”, are great examples of the exhortation to not chase after the finer things in life, such as gold chains and fancy watches and expensive cars. Lecrae tells his listeners to invest in a business and buy a house. The track “Blue Strips” suggests that we should be willing to help people focus less on obtaining money, in any way possible, but rather consider their future and offer help to move them towards a less harming career.

Lecrae Trap1

The last song on the album is “By Chance” it talks about how anything can happen, but with God anything is possible. The track exhorts listeners to trust in God through all circumstances and even tells of examples from Lecrae’s life.

I feel that “Let the Trap say Amen” is an album for everyone, not just those who enjoy trap music. The album suggests a remedy to the life grind of success but doesn’t bash its listeners over the head with Biblical verses. I believe it paints the picture of what life looks like when God takes a hold of us. You need to hear it for yourself Fam, don’t take my word for it. Stream it for free on Spotify and tweet @crownlessheir or write in the comments below what your favorite track is.

Thanks for reading Fam.


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