6 Celebrity YouTube Channels to Subscribe to

Ten years ago, YouTube was a place to find entertaining cat videos, and no one imagined it would become as popular as it is now. According to a study conducted by Google, more than 70 percent of teenagers admitted they relate more to YouTubers than traditional celebrities.

YouTubers, even the ones with millions of followers, are seen as more personable, and because of their ability to create relationships with their fans, they are quickly becoming much more successful than traditional celebrities. But the growing interest in YouTube is not going unnoticed, and many celebrities have jumped on board, hoping to strengthen their bonds with their fans. Listed below are the six celebrity YouTube channels to subscribe to.

Will Smith 2-YouTube.jpg
In his latest video, Will Smith opens up about how he taught his brother-in-law to make a movie. (Image via TIme)

1. Will Smith

Will Smith first entered the entertainment industry as a rapper under the name “The Fresh Prince,” and alongside his friend, Jeffrey “DJ Jazzy Jeff” Townes, the duo earned Grammy awards for their songs “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and “Summertime.” Smith also received success as a solo artist, and his debut album, “Big Willie Style,” entered the top ten on the US Billboard 200 and became certified platinum nine times. Smith started his acting career on the iconic sitcom, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and after the show ended, Smith enjoyed massive success and starred in many successful movies such as “Bad Boys,” “Men in Black” and “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

He is set to play Genie in the “Aladdin” live-action remake which premieres next year. Smith launched his YouTube channel last December with a vlog following him on the “Bright” Netflix promo tour. With each interesting video including spending Father’s Day in Budapest, skydiving with his son and even a storytime on how he became the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Smith inspires viewers while simultaneously making them laugh and gives fans an inside look into his life.

2. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson first gained popularity as a wrestler on WWE (back when it was known as WWF) and continued to periodically make surprise appearances on the program even though he no longer wrestles. His first leading role was in “The Scorpion King,” and he has gone on to work on notable movies such as “The Rundown,” “The Game Plan” and “The Fast and the Furious” franchise.

In 2016, his production company, Seven Bucks Production, which he co-founded with Dany Garcia, partnered with Studio71 to create his YouTube channel which features movie trailers, collaborations with prominent YouTubers, reaction videos and many other more.

Shay Mitchell 2-YouTube.jpg
Shay Mitchell has collaborated with her “Pretty Little Liars” co-stars in some of her videos. (Image via Wetpaint).


3. Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell received mainstream attention when she played Emily Fields on the FreeForm drama, “Pretty Little Liars,” the television adaption of book series with the same name by Sara Shepard. If you haven’t heard of the drama, “Pretty Little Liars” centers on four girls who receive mysterious messages from an anonymous “A” who threatens to reveal all of their secrets. The series lasted seven seasons, and the finale episode aired on June 2017. Mitchell created her channel in 2014, and she films makeup tutorials, lookbooks and other fashion and beauty related videos.

4. Madelaine Petsch

Famous for her portrayal of the lovable ice queen, Cheryl Blossom on CW’s hit, “Riverdale,” Madelaine Petsch created her channel in an attempt to show “Riverdale” fans that she’s not as cold as her character. “So, at first, I intended to only have five to 10 videos to just show everyone, hey guys,  I’m weirdo, I’m not mean at all that kind of thing.” Petsch told Byrdie. “But then I really started to get into the editing process and loved the fact that I was really in charge of creating a whole product from start to finish.”

Ever since she posted her first video last August, Petsch uploads every Wednesday and vlogs her life, collaborates with notable YouTubers including Shane Dawson and Patrick Starr and even features some of her “Riverdale” co-stars including Vanessa Morgan, Lili Reinhart and Casey Cott, in her videos. As they watch each new video, fans see that Petsch is nothing like her character.

5. Josh Peck

Josh Peck is known for his role of Josh Nichols on the popular Nickelodeon sitcom, “Drake & Josh,” and even though he continued to star in different movies and TV shows, none of them brought him the same success “Drake & Josh” did. Peck branched off onto social media and consistently posted sketches on Vines until the app was discontinued.

He then periodically filmed with YouTuber, David Dobrik before launching his own channel in July 2017 with a video about his wedding. With a new video every Wednesday, Peck questions his friends on how they lost their v card, filmed the “Drake & Josh” reunion we all needed and challenges guest to slap trivia.

Adrienne Houghton.jpg
Adrienne Houghton posts new videos every Tuesday. (Image via US Weekly)

6. Adrienne Houghton

Adrienne Houghton rose to fame as one of the members of the girl group 3LW and received more mainstream attention when she later starred in the iconic Cheetah Girls movie franchise as Chanel. Currently, she is one of four co-hosts on the daytime TV show, “The Real,” alongside Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love and Jeannie Mai. Houghton launched her channel, All Things Adrienne, in April, and she posts lifestyle based videos including a house tour, Selena inspired makeup tutorial and a summer outfit must-haves list.

Each of these celebrities turned YouTubers has a little something everyone will like, so consider subscribing to their channels because they may just be your new favorite YouTuber.


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