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Don’t Sleep on Spicy Management

Almost everyone possesses a musical talent that he or she feels need to be shown to the world. Whether that musical talent is singing, rapping, or composing lyrics, each artist wants their shot to reach to the top of the charts. The past few years, many artists are either independent or develop music in an underground setting. Many fans have their local artists, while others are still trying to find their sound. One social media source, YouTube, is a great outlet for anyone producing music. Spicy Management is an upcoming music company that began with three YouTube friends: Queen, Clarence, and Jared (Patty). Since their humble beginnings, the rise to stardom is not far behind as their supporters made them a household name. If you haven’t heard of Spicy Management, here is what you need to know.

Introducing the Artists: Queen Najia, and Moddagod

(Pictures are from Google Images)

Queen Najia, a twenty-two-year-old singer from Detroit, Michigan. She moved to Houston, Texas in pursuit of her rising YouTube career with her husband. After a public incident, she separated from her husband and created her own channel, “Queen Najia” which has 2.9 million subscribers. Now, she is recently divorced and living her best days as a single mother to CJ.

Moddadgod, or Patty, is a rapper from New York City and rose to popularity by his freestyles on YouTube. His rapper name, Mod, stands for “Man of Dreams”. When he linked up with Queen and Clarence, viewers started to like his videos and music with the iconic intro he does in every video: Patty shouts, “YouuuuuTubbbbbe”.

Queen’s YouTube single, “Medicine”

queen medicine(picture from Google images) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc89yyOS0Z8

Six months ago, Queen released the most popular heartbreak song on YouTube. Anyone who’s a fan of her know the origins of the song and the supporters liked the song so much that it got millions of views. As a stepping stone, Queen used this opportunity to sample the song to record labels with the help of a new manager, PO. She is Clarence’s sister and doesn’t appear much on Queen’s social media, but she is active in Queen’s career.

The first meeting in New York

All these YouTubers met one day while Queen was visiting New York for her genius interview for her song “Medicine”. They started doing live streams on Instagram Live and the people rejoiced over their chemistry as a trio. Mainly, everyone liked Queen and Clarence together doing Q&A’s videos and challenges, but Patty received appreciation too for his outstanding personality and sparked a movement for him to become an independent artist.


The artist Patty started his movement to “free himself” from working 9 to 5 job and transition into making music full time. In February 2018, in each video, he would ask his subscribers to help him gain more viewers so he can start to live off his YouTube career. It is no secret now that individuals can create a career and lifestyle by making content on YouTube. The more subscribers you have and views, the more money you receive from the YouTube company. For this reason, many millennials and young post-high school graduates are going to YouTube as their first jobs than spending their time going to college. The right motivation, marketing, and content a person creates, he or she can successfully live off YouTube paychecks.

The Valentine’s Day promotion event 2018

As their first paying gig, all three artist and friends hosted Valentine’s day event in Orlando, Florida for their supporters. The event, “Spicy Valentine’s Day” is the climax of all their careers early on this year and many people came out to Orlando to meet the artists. Under these circumstances is how the “Spicy Management” came into existence. Clarence’s sister who is an accountant taken upon herself to help Queen Najia build her music career from just doing YouTube. Months after the V-Day event, both Queen and Clarence threw hints about a “deal” in the works.

Surprises and Releases

For the past few months, both Queen and Moddagod are working on their own Eps. Also, Queen participated in the BET Awards 2018 with her best friend, Clarence. She is constantly moving forward with her new record-label career and single lifestyle. In addition, the upcoming artist, Moddagod (Patty) has a new EP out called, “Man of Dreams”.

patty ep cover(Picture is from Mod’s Twitter Page)


Likewise, Queen Najia is performing her YouTube single, “Medicine” at multiple label events and radio interviews about her life, songs, and inspiration. Also, Queen has released her anticipated EP coming out this month as well. The date is still unknown, but I know once Queen releases her EP, the world will once again revolve around her on social media. In the meanwhile, Queen still promises to upload YouTube videos.


In essence, Spicy Management is doing a wonderful job with helping their artists build music careers and successfully make music. Critiques can say what they want about the trio, but each of them is already millionaires (subscriber wise). I believe they will produce more events, music, and a new clothing line in the near future. Look out world, Spicy Management is coming near you.



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