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Instagram Poets You Need to Check Out

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Social Media creates multiple platforms for indecent artists, writers, and business to promote their work. An old, but new on the rise social media platform for poets to use is Instagram. This social media app is known for their users to take pictures, crop, and design, and share them with any followers or in a direct message. Now, since everyone loves photography, poets have decided to share their work in a picture. The poems are short, but it is just a taste of their talent along with using social media. Most of the popular Instagram poets are self-publishing their work online as well. Everyone is noticing more and more poets becoming popular on Instagram for sharing their work, being original and honest, and lastly, kicking tradition in its face. Since school is starting up soon, I want to introduce some poets everyone should check out and read their work to get in the mood for school again.

1. Tyler Knott Gregson @tylerknott


“My hands reach for you,
Through the absence we endure,
Beyond the aching.” Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Greyson
Source: @tylerknott

Greyson is known for two types of poetry:
1. Haiku
2. Typewritten Poetry
Almost everyone who knows Tyler Knott’s poetry is because he or she either loves his typewritten poetry or haiku on Instagram. While in college, my poetry teacher mentions Tyler Knott as a poet and his unique format of writing poetry. His first poetry book, “Chasers of Light” help him become an established poet. Since then, he writes daily sonnets on his Instagram timeline. Also, his website contains merchandise with a poem attached to the items.
Official website:


2. R. M. Drake @rmdrk


(This picture is from Drake’s Instagram page.)

His poetry is very popular not only on Instagram but in bookstores as well. Consumers are buying his poetry books like hot cakes. R. M. Drake poetry stands out because he fuses graphic photographs with his poetry. He tells a story through words and images. For example, “Black Butterfly” by R. M. Drake is a poetry book about praising the women and their strength to go on through each trial and tribulation.


3. R. H. Sin @r.h.sin


(This picture is from R. h. Sun’s Instagram page.)
The popular poetry book series, “Whiskey Words & a Shovel” is the first time I ever read R. H. Sin’s work. His books are mainly in a Barnes & Noble. For example, my favorite poetry book by him, “I hope this reaches her in time” because this is a poetry book written to encourage women. Plain and simple. Everyone needs encouragement and the fact a man wrote a book to check the mental awareness that women go through on the daily bases of body shaming, heartbreaks, and high expectations. Sin’s continues to surprise the poetry world with his bold words and subject matter.

4. Bryan Grissom @bggrizzo
Grissom is an Instagram poet who randomly friend request me on Instagram one day. I accepted and discovered he is a poet. He mainly posts on his timeline and Instagram stories. His language is raw and unapologetic. He writes about how he feels and reveals himself throughout each prose poem. Sometimes he writes a single poem, but he is known for writing a series-long poem in his timeline post.
Other social media: “SOMEWHERE IN-BETWEEN”


5. R J Tomlin @rjtomlin


(This picture is from Tomlin’s Instagram page.)
He is a self-published author from Lees, UK. He sells poems on the street and often takes a picture of his pop up shop in his hometown. I haven’t read much of his work but his admiration is why I want to include him in this list of Instagram Poets. As writers, we all must earn a living and Tomlin uniquely promotes his writing and presses forward to expose himself to the social media world. Additionally, his latest book, “The Transition” is available on Amazon.

For the most part, everyone should check out these Instagram Poets and their work online. Every new incoming artist deserves a chance to be heard, read and acknowledge for his or her hard work. The grind and hustle to get published are both easy and hard, but with the right mindset, anything is possible. So, there is no need for having the back-to-school blues because learning is educational and exciting with any subject.

Note: All these self-published poetry books can be found in any Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Book Depository website.


Hey, hey! My name is Evelyn Davis and I'm a Creative Writer. I like writing poetry, fiction, drama, blogging, and essays. I like to keep an opened mind while writing and keep my humor alive as long as possible.

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