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Alternative Music Still Rocks!

Nowadays, everyone listens to either Rap, R&B, or Pop music; but where is the alternative music lovers? Summertime is meant for rock concerts, romance, and bad decisions. Since the 1980s, metal and alternative music reach its peak and left a stain on the younger generation to appreciate their artform/lyrics. Besides the popular music genres, a select few groups of people still appreciate the beauty behind rock, punk, and alternative music in 2018. I am one of those individuals that listen to all types of music, but I prefer metal music over other genres. So, I want to highlight two rock/post-hardcore bands that are my current favorites to listen to are “I Prevail” and “The Plot In You”.

Why do I like alternative music?

When I graduated high school, one of my best friends gave me his iPod full of alternative music he wanted me to try out. All my life, I’ve listened to gospel, rap, and R&B. The beauty behind the alternative music is how the lyrics connect to you and becomes relatable to a wide range of audiences. From Papa Roach to Three Days Grace, I listen to the albums on the iPod and fell in love with every song from each band. It became a new popular music genre I preferred to listen to over the other playlist I had created in the past. So, in 2018, my mind is haven’t changed much. I still listen to the songs on that iPod years later and I’ve added new bands like, “I Prevail” and “The Plot In You”.


i prevail image

(Google Images pictures. Their album, “Lifelines” is out.)

I Prevail

I Prevail is an American post-hardcore band from Southfield, Michigan, established in 2013. Their first EP, “Heart Vs. Mind” released in 2015. The Current members
are Brian Burkheiser, Eric Vanlerberghe, Steve Menoian, and Dylan Bowman. The Touring Members include, Eli Clark and Gabe Helguera.

Official website: http://iprevailband.com/

How I came to love their music?

I first heard of them on Facebook from their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” song (2014) two years ago.)

Since then, I listened to more of their music and followed their Facebook music page for more songs available online. The main quality of the band that should out to me is the lyrics in their songs. It reminds me of other famous bands like, “Green Day”, “Papa Roach”, and “Bullet for My Valentine”. Their music is more relatable to audiences and their songs are memorable to stand the test of time. In contrast, not all alternative music contains screaming or inaudible lyrics to comprehend. I Prevail’s music is understandable and enjoyable to all teenagers and young adults.
My favorite songs are “Scars” (2016)



“Stuck In Your Head” (2016)

i prevail album cover

Their current album, “Lifelines” is available online and they recently did a summer tour promoting new music and merchandise.








the plot in you pic

(This picture is from Google Images.)

The Plot In You

The Plot in You is an American rock band, formed in Hancock County, Ohio in 2010. The Members include Landon Tewers, Ethan Yoder, Josh Childress, Alex Ballew, Cole Worden, Derrick Sechrist, Anthony Thoma, and Kevin Rutherford. The kind of music they create and play are Metalcore and Alternative rock. They have three previous studio albums already made before they got signed to “Fearless Record” in 2017.

Official website: https://www.theplotinyou.com/


How I came to love their music?

I newly discovered their music while searching for new bands to listen and add to my current playlist. The soloist’s voice captured my attention in the first song I tried out, “The One You Loved”, which is also my favorite song by them. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ8cmw9wBOo


Landon Tewers is the lead soloist in the band and his performances in every song are phenomenal. The only other male soloist I can compare him to is the soloist from “Panic! At the Disco”, Brendon Urie. Every singer is unique in his or her own way, but these men are knocking out the competition. Currently, they are on a European tour for the rest of the year. You can find the dates and times on their website, including to buy tickets.

dispose album cover

(This picture is from Google Images.)

Their new album, “DISPOSE” released earlier this year on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Music is a form of art that is constantly changing new rhythms, instruments, and cords to create a different sound. In the long run, Alternative music is going to be around for newcomers to try out and create expressive music. The genre of music will not go out of style as everyone has an alternative song they like, or don’t even know its alternative, metal, or punk rock. In the twenty-first century, groups of friends are still forming music bands and gaining a huge following, which lead to selling out records online. For newbies who are hesitate about alternative music, check out these two bands and you will like their songs and lyrics.
Both groups are signed to Fearless Records.


Hey, hey! My name is Evelyn Davis and I'm a Creative Writer. I like writing poetry, fiction, drama, blogging, and essays. I like to keep an opened mind while writing and keep my humor alive as long as possible.

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