The Black Dollar Counts

As a community, it is no testament that our spending power is very influential, more specifically when it comes to movies. For example, Black Panther is a movie that features a predominantly black cast. This same movie gained more than 200 million dollars in the first opening week and went on to gross more than 1.3 billion dollars globally while simultaneously breaking various box office records such as being the number one highest grossing movie of 2018.

The power demonstrated in those few yet monumental facts are immense. With the unity of us as a community, we were able to make a movie that was released early in the year become the highest grossing movie of the entire year but not without good reason. This movie dives into many themes such as abandonment, the need for protecting your homeland, and many more. However, it is the way that this movie portrays these themes that allow us to relate and personify with it on an intimate and cultural level. This movie allowed us, the black community that is stretched across continents and different cultures, to unite as one and show the impact that we can truly make.

With the impact of this movie and the effect that we have had on it through unrelenting support, it is clear that our dollar counts, especially when united.




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