The 1980s meets Old English Makeup Brand

Starting a makeup brand can be fun with the right partners and vision in mind, but how often does a brand capture your attention? Sauce Box Cosmetics gives consumers that fun, playful feel to their products while delivering great pigmentation. By starting off small, they are still an indie company which many consumers don’t know about so far and deserve more recognition. Sauce Box cosmetics guarantees consumers can be happy with their overall designs and packaging, checking out the best selling nude palette, and learning their story behind the “saucy” name brand.

The history behind greatness

This makeup brand was started by a mother and daughter duo who were both makeup lovers. Together, they decided to create their own makeup products in 2010 and follow a certain philosophy on their website, “WE BELIEVE THAT MAKE UP IS ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE AND YOUR INNER SELF EXPRESSION.” The creators of “SauceBox Cosmetics “ was determined to stand out in delivering their makeup products by showcasing bold color palettes and names to each eyeshadow product. Even the name of the makeup brand, “SauceBox” takes its roots in Old English, and means rude and impudent, obnoxious (About Us page). As a result, SauceBox cosmetics strive for creativity and boldness in their products. The best marketing concept to sell products requires expressing yourself and what you are passionate about in your product.

Best-selling eyeshadow palette

etude promo pic

(This image is the promotional image for the new eyeshadow palette, “Étude”.)


Étude” is a warm nude palette created by SauceBox cosmetics. Consumers can buy this palette in two different ways:

  1. The product itself

etude palette

The price is $40.00 dollars.


  1. The Double Decker “Etude” edition product

double decker

The price is on sale for $ 45.00 dollars, original price is $59.98 dollars.

For anyone’s whose a Z-palette lover, you can get the Etude palette included with the double-decker option. This option is more of a DIY selection, but you can include your favorite single shadows in the second drawer of the double-decker. The shadows can be from the SauceBox collection since many people do buy their single shadows mainly like for example, “Black Widow”. This shadow is rumored to be the blackest black color shadow in the market. Word of mouth can spread quickly and SauceBox cosmetics came to play. The shadows are not the only thing that is keeping their name in the mouths of consumers, the packaging and design count before opening the product.


Packaging and Design

saucebox packaging

All the packaging is made from recycled waste. This makeup brand stays true to their cruelty-free and vegan free products. In addition, the color palette and color choices for the packaging totally screams the 1980s with its bright, luminous, neon colors choices. Consumers love the Mermaid eyeshadow palette and design of a clam with the shadows inside the product.


When did SauceBox Cosmetics become a successful brand?

Almost a decade in the makeup business, SauceBox already has their own “Collectors Bundle” for consumers who love their eyeshadow palettes can buy them all. The product is already sold out. As a result, SauceBox Cosmetics is a success amongst the beauty community. It is unclear if the consumer group is big or small for this indie brand, but many products are sold out on their website. In addition, SauceBox has a yearly membership that will run from May 2018-June 2019.


Big or small, SauceBox Cosmetics is a contender that plans to stay around in the beauty community. Bloggers and YouTubers review the products within this brand and are pleasantly surprised by the packaging, pigmentation, and small reputation the brand has built over the years. Plus, the motto of the brand makes them stand out amongst other makeup studios who try to blend in with the crowd. SauceBox breaks down the barriers and commits themselves to be original, imprudent, and creative.


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